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2012 Meeting Planner Olympic Games

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On your mark, get set, go! Welcome to the 2012 Meeting Planner Olympics.

We have many exciting sports and athletes for this year’s games, all going for the gold! Here is a list of some of the more exciting games to keep an eye on:


  • 100 Meeting Dash – Watch as Meeting Planners tirelessly trot from meeting to meeting, meetings to plan meetings, meetings about how the meetings went, and meetings about why there should even be meetings in the first place!
  • Synchronized Texting – Feel the excitement as Meeting Planners use dexterity and speed to not only text several individuals at the same time, but create each thrilling text to mean something different to each unique recipient. For example, “Can U get it to me 2moro?” tells the assistant to firm up the meeting participant lists, the caterer to have the menu emailed over and the venue to finalize the audio visual specs all by the next day.
  • Budget Boxing – Meeting Planners duke it out with Presidents, Vice Presidents, Managers and more, vying to gather more funds for each event. Who is going to throw the final blow?
  • Objective & Goals Track – No objective is strong enough and no goal too lofty to keep these steadfast Meeting Planners off the track. They may look like they are running around in circles, but in the end, they will cross the finish line.
  • Shipping Hockey – Meeting Planners find the fastest, most efficient ways to ship large unyielding packages safely from one field to another.
  • Space Wrestling – Observe wily Meeting Planners break a sweat to create additional break-out session space and work wonders with pipe and drape.
  • Contract Fencing – You’ll be on the edge of your seat as Meeting Planners take on various venues with the exhilarating back and forth (and back and forth) action of contract negotiation!
  • Diving Du Jour – No menu is too complicated for these savvy Meeting Planners as they quickly sum up F&B for massive meeting crowds and find the perfect menu mix!
  • Volley-Speakers – Last minute thrills take center stage as we learn that the keynote speaker has dropped the ball and is a no show on the court. Watch Meeting Planners expertly juggle agendas and responsibilities to save the day!
  • Event Triathlon – Not for the faint of heart, these tenacious Meeting Planners perform site selection, contract negotiation and site visit set-up in three thrilling back to back match ups. Smart Meeting Planners have already been in training with a sensational Site Selection Manager by their side and are favored to win the gold (just call 636-797-3405 to get your own Site Selection Manager today!).

Hey Meeting Planners! Which of these events are you favored to win? Let me know on Facebook.

*Thanks to Yahoo for the image!

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