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2015 Done, 2016 Started

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Last year I wrote a Why I’m Awesome list. Of course, this still applies. The year before I made a list of resolutions that I really could and would do. This year, I going to look back fondly on 2015 and then move into what I resolve for 2016, here goes.

All in all, 2015 was a pretty darn good year:

  • I got a new puppy last January, Bailey is now a year old and is as cute and as loving as ever.
  • I got a new Nephew! His name is Kaden (pictured here – yes, totally cute!), he is the son of my brother, Kurt. I am absolutely, without a doubt, wild for Kaden and am quite sure that I am his most favorite Aunt, if not relative.
  • I moved. I forgot how much fun moving is. It is just really a blast. But so worth it, love the new house and new location! My new house is closer to the grandkids and . . . Starbucks.
  • I live in a house of potential. There are boxes and boxes of potential lying about. I just know in my heart of hearts, these boxes will one day blossom into a fully decorated home.
  • I (the Visionary), and my husband, Rick (the Carpenter and back and forth runner to the home improvement store – which is closer now that we’ve moved), have begun construction on my Dream Closet. It will rival none other. Move over Imelda.
  • I got to live on an island. Okay, so this is not the best of news; our area received record rainfall in December, which resulted in floods for many folks and area businesses. The highways that surround us were all closed for a time, leaving me to live to what was being called JeffCo Island. So though it was an “island,” it was not exactly paradise.

And now onto 2016! This year I resolve to:

  • Continue my quest for fabulous shoes – and continue to look fabulous while wearing them.
  • Continue to have fun with my grandchildren, whenever possible.
  • Continue watching my most favorite TV shows and therefore continue my reign as Queen of the Couch Potatoes (you should see the tiara for this one).
  • Continue to be besties with all my hotel friends.
  • Continue to go above and beyond for all my clients.
  • Continue to entertain you and inform you with awesome blogs.

And one more thing; I will continue to look for that darn Resolution Jar. Last year I resolved to fill it with notes about all the good things that happened for me during 2015. I just know that jar is in a box, somewhere . . .

Happy 2016 Meeting Planners!

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