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And Now for 2021

in: Attendee Experience

What could this year possibly have in store for us? We did not see 2020 coming and even though it’s over, the ghost of 2020 is still with us.

2020 very much changed how we do almost everything and it’s setting many a trend. And while all of it is a bit dizzying, I think we are all at the point where we pretty much “get” what’s going on. Here’s to really “getting” it in 2021!

Getting Fed: Normally this time of year, meeting planners are learning about hot new food trends inspired by global flavors, keeping up with the latest diet that everyone is now following, or incorporating that cool new anti-oxidant rich fruit in our diets. For 2021, it’s all about plexiglass, face shields and gloves. Oh, and as for food, think along the lines of plant rich, immunity boosting menus.

Getting Greener: Each year we go even greener, in 2021 we take it full circle; in other words, scrutinize every bit of waste produced by an event and make sure it it either recyclable or reusable.

Getting Cleaner: In 2020, we sanitized just about every surface out there. Currently, there is now technology available to measure foot traffic in order to inform which areas need the most cleaning – wow!

Getting Buzzed: Blue tooth bracelets are also being utilized to warn attendees when they get too close to other attendees, this will help ensure that social distancing is practiced at all times.

Getting Practice: Remember your first virtual event; speakers fumbling as they try to remember which button on the keyboard to press to share slides, reminding people to mute and unmute, or turn on or off their video – whew! Now that we’ve made all the mistakes and worked out all the kinks, be sure to schedule at least one practice session for all involved with your virtual event and ensure a smooth run.

Getting Hy-Brid: Even though we’ve mastered virtual meetings, we miss live events. In 2021, we may just get to have our cake and eat it too. Meeting venues are already beginning to include the necessary ingredients for beaming live events to those that wish to tune in via the web. There is a lot more to know about this subject, I’ll share a whole blog on it soon!

Now that you know what you’re getting yourself into, I am ever the more confident in you. When it comes to 2021, YOU GOT THIS!


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