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Culinary Chronicles: Bid Farewell to 2023’s Forgettable Food Trends

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Let’s reflect on the culinary highs and lows of the past year. 2023 brought us some unforgettable food trends, but not all were palate-pleasers. And so, we bid adieu to the trends that missed the mark.

Over-the-Top Milkshakes aka Freakshakes:

While extravagant milkshakes adorned with every imaginable sweet treat – fruity cereal, marshmallow fluff,  an immense amount of sprinkles – might have been Instagram-worthy, they often left our taste buds overwhelmed and our stomachs pleading for simplicity. In 2024, anticipate a return to classic, well-balanced flavors that highlight the essence of quality ingredients.

Avocado Everything:

Avocado toast, avocado ice cream, and even avocado tea took center stage in 2023. While avocados are a nutritious and delicious fruit (yes! A fruit!), their omnipresence in every dish at every meal became a bit too much. In the coming year, expect a shift towards innovative uses of avocados that celebrate their natural flavors without overshadowing the entire culinary landscape.

Plant-Based Meat Overload:

The plant-based meat craze reached its peak in 2023, with an influx of alternative meat products crowding the market – with hefty prices to boot. As the industry lost momentum, investors began asking where’s the beef. 2024 is predicted to bring a more discerning approach to plant-based proteins, focusing on quality, taste, and sustainability.

Cottage Cheese Ice Cream:

Our culture loves to “hack” our diets and cottage cheese ice cream came to the rescue of the under-proteined, Keto-loving, dessert-wanting folks. TikTok videos went viral and grocery stores watched cottage cheese fly off their shelves. 2024, can we please eat our pure, creamy, dreamy ice cream in peace, without a side of nuanced self-improvement, thank you.

Mustard and Cottage Cheese Diet:

Not to be outshined by cottage cheese ice cream, TikToker Tiffany Magee touted a diet of cottage cheese, mustard, raw vegetables and chicken sausage – to be eaten each and every day. All of the sudden I am craving cottage cheese ice cream.

Tons of Tinned Fish:

No matter how fancy of a label you put on it, inside that can there is tinned fish. In a world where we can purchase, cook and eat fresh fish – do we need this? Let’s save it for our open-in-case-of-apocalypse box.

And so meeting planners, if you experienced any attendee requests to include any of these trends in your meal repertoire, happy to say those days are over. Now onto the trends of 2024!

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