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Happy April 20th, otherwise known as 4/20, or 420, which is slang for marijuana use. If you were in San Francisco today, you may head on over to Hippie Hill to celebrate cannabis with a big crowd. In case you are going, please do pay attention to their FAQs, which includes information like it being okay to bring your bong as long as it is not glass 😉

The last time I shared information about Marijuana and Meetings was in 2019. Since then more states have legalized it, and even more are expected to hop on board soon. Meeting managers, make sure to be up on any information that may need to be shared with attendees, along with taking under consideration any potential policies that may need to put into place. 

The Fed Says No: Cannabis is classified as a Schedule I drug, transporting it across state lines, not matter how it is transported (plane, train, etc), is a big no-no. Though some states are less strict, not all of them are and it’s best to play it safe.

Most Venues Say No: There are still too many unknowns. Expect venues to play it safe for the time being. Defining “public space” is still a gray area, even in the states where pot is legal, it is still not allowed to be consumed in a public.

No Buzzing is Allowed: CBD, however, is fine and legal everywhere. CBD does not contain THC, and THC is what provides users a buzz. CBD is sold everywhere, even at popular drug and department stores.

As cannabis becomes ever more mainstream, there is sure to be many new ideas to explore like pot tastings, elevated edibles (fancy food infused with marijuana), interesting additions to swag bags and perhaps some bud-tenders among the bar tenders.

Perhaps a good first step is to test the waters with CBD. Consider offering CBD infused sparkling water or desserts. Toss some CBD infused confections in the swag bag, like jelly beans, cookies or popcorn.

Of course, you know your attendees better than anyone and will know if and when this is an area to be explored. If your group is ready now, make sure to fully education and understand the laws and rules of the destination and venue where your conference is to be held.

Meeting planners are held to high standards, it’s best to weed out any potential problems and hash it out with your team before introducing cannabis-inspired fare to your group.

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