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500 Million

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A surprising article from USA Today Travel revealed that more hotel rooms than ever were sold between January through June 2012. Over 500 million room nights – a new record has been set!

If you have been traveling as of late, you are also aware that room rates have gone up.  During 2008 – 2009, rooms were sold at greatly reduced rates; now the average hotel rate is anywhere from $129 per night in New Orleans to $247 in New York. Basically, it all comes down to supply and demand; travelling is up, there is a higher demand for rooms.  Therefore, General Managers and Revenue Managers, who hold the “key” to rooming costs, are charging higher room rates.

The good news is that you have negotiating power on your side. HelmsBriscoe is a volume buyer of hotel rooms, last year we bought 4.5 million room nights. This fact does not go unnoticed by the hotels. As a result, we have many hotel partners, and we have earned the ability to bring quality space and amazing rates to our clients.

One of the tag lines I use to explain what I do is “I help companies sleep around.” Yes, it does catch the listener’s attention – lol! I guess I could also say that I help companies get a good night’s sleep as well.  Not only can I help you find the rooms you need in this demanding market, but I can also capture a price that brings pleasant slumber to you, your company and your attendees. Call me, Jill Stone, at 636-797-3405.

Sweet dreams!

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