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A Look Back

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I have been writing blogs for over a year now. As we head into this New Year, I decided to first take a  look at where we’ve been and travel back to some of my favorite blogs. Please journey with me!  Then don’t forget to comment below; each comment gets entered into a contest for a $25 American Express Gift Certificate and a chance to be featured in an upcoming blog. For details click here.

On Going Green, I had a lot to say. I love when positive trends take hold and become a way of doing business. Here are some of my favorite blogs on the subject:

  • Green Up Your Meetings takes a look at questions to ask hotels about their green practices, easy ideas you can incorporate into your meetings and a link to an environmentally aware meeting guide from the EPA.
  • Is Your Meeting Really Green provides helpful ideas that will have you claiming all your meetings as green!
  • Go for the Green highlights cities that are taking green consciousness to a whole new level.

Since many of us in this industry travel, I have written a few blogs on the subject:

All work and no play makes Jill a dull gal – so I make sure to have fun too! Here are some of my more entertaining entries:

  • Superstitions in the Industry explores interesting facts surrounding the number 13 and other numbers that effect how we do business.
  • Revealing the Truth to Meeting Planner Wanna-Be’s is just plain funny! It’s all about what some of us meeting planners have experienced and asks if we reveal these truths to those looking to get into the meetings industry?
  • New Fun Meeting Ideas highlights charming ideas to include in your next meeting.
  • Easy Cooking for Meeting Planners takes into account that meeting planners are very busy people with way too many details spinning about in their heads, but they still need to cook and eat! This blog is a great resource for finding the perfect meal to make in minutes.

Which of these blogs did you find most helpful for you? Make sure to comment below (up to five times) and gain up to five entries into the contest.  Also, “Like” my Facebook Page; I share great information for meeting planners on a daily basis!

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Mich January 12, 2012, 3:02 pm

I love your blogs, Jill! Thanks for all the amazing advice and insights!