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Add Value to Attendees’ Experience

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Way back in 1971, way before I was born ; ) The Who was Goin’ Mobile. Today, we have all gone mobile. It’s become ingrained in our daily lives; it is how we keep organized, informed and connected.

Here is something you can easily do for your conference attendees that will add value to their experience. Help them make goin’ mobile easier than ever!

Goin-mobile-1Evernote:  This preferred note-taking app of business people provides a great way for attendees to take notes, organize notes and search those notes later for content. It can be accessed from a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Evernote Hello: This app can be tied into a DayTimer, LinkedIn profile and Facebook account, allowing attendees to instantly connect with the people they meet.

Twitter: A must have for every attendee. Utilizing hashtags, attendees can follow along with various subjects and keep up with each other in real time. In your information, make sure to share the hashtags connected with your event!

Card Munch: As your attendees make new connections, they will inevitably be collecting many business cards. Card Munch allows for them to scan the cards and enter them directly into their database.

Instagram: Tell your attendees to take and share their pictures! Your group can use hashtags to keep with the pictures taken from the event and provide you with an online photo album. Consider creating a Statigram account to conduct a photo contest, as well as monitor your brand – hashtagged photos will only appear on your contest page once validated.

Shoeboxed: This helpful app will allow your attendees to keep track of their expenses on the road. The information can be tied into to a Quickbooks account for even easier recording!

Guidebook: This one is for you meeting planner! Go paperless and create an app that your attendees can download and use to know what’s going on, when and where, at the conference!

I know all about value-add! It is what I do for meeting planners every day! Call me today, 636-797-3405, and I can show you how what I do keeps you organized, informed and connected! Let’s Go Mobile Together!

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