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Your Meeting Matchmaker Fairy Godmother

And the Oscar Goes To

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Though my blogs may never be quoted ala Lincoln, and my life may never be as harrowing as The Life of Pi; I have said (in my blogs!) and seen some interesting things. For example, I have seen meetings that were Les Miserables to attend (not yours, I assure you), with attendees from the Beasts of the Southern Wild, and workshops that came a bit Django Unchained.  That said, I am happy to report from the Silver Linings Playbook that the meetings industry is robust as ever and for this you deserve a break, meeting planner. Argo, ahem I mean, although I know you are crazy busy, you still very much deserve a break. On February 24th, allow yourself to enjoy the glitz and glam that surrounds the Academy Awards. Where The Master-s of the movies gather to pat each other on the back and we get to judge their fashion senses and interesting behaviors (remember Angelina Jolie’s Leg Bombing from last year?).

oscarDo you think you know who will or should win? Go here to check out the nominees, make your picks then share it with your friends! Also, download the Oscars app where you can watch trailers and get insider information right at your fingertips. On the night of the event the app allows you to watch all your fave celebs walk the Red Carpet, follow the winners backstage and see the stars mingle on Hollywood’s biggest night.

If you do not remember who won last year, check out this history page; from this page you can also check out all the previous years’ winners. Speaking of, are you aware of the ways that the 85th Academy Awards could make its own history?

Don’t forget to pick up some Cinema Snacks for the gang. Pop up some popcorn and have boxes of other movie yummies on hand; like Dots, Good & Plenty, Milk Duds, Sour Patch Kids and more. Treat your co-stars to their own Oscar bags; you’ve heard about those Oscar goody bags filled with luxury items, jewelry, tech gadgets and more. Create your own (more budget friendly) version with sunglasses, glow necklaces, kazoos or whatever else may strike your fancy.

Take a break Meeting Planners! Have a fun night!

And the Oscar goes to . . . .YOU! Share with me your award winning ideas on Facebook.

*Thank you to CNN for the image!

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