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Are You Too Popular?

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A block of rooms is a necessity in the meeting planning world and the whole thought of attrition can cause hives. But what about the opposite “problem?” Not having enough rooms. While this is a good problem to have, it is an issue none-the-less.

So what’s the popular meeting planner to do? Here are some ideas for you:Be Proactive in Contract Negotiations:

  1. Talk about the possibility ahead of time; include it in the contract that group rates will be honored even for those reservations accepted beyond the original room block.
  2. Be in Constant Contact with the Host Property: You need to know the full story at all times. Make sure that cancellations are being noted, in order that those newly opened rooms be filled with your attendees. Also, you will want to know if the quota is being filled for each night. If some nights are lighter than others you will want to make sure that the property is fulfilling their end of the deal by allowing those open nights to be available for your people.
  3. Have the Staff Step Up: You may need to give up the staff rooms to the attendees; arrange for the staff to stay at a near by location and plan scheduled transportation to take staff to and from the main property.
  4. Get Support: In instances like these having a stellar site selection specialist can make a huge difference.  As a HelmsBriscoe Manager, I have negotiating power that reaches beyond your meeting alone. Our relationships with properties have proven to be the difference between meeting success and meeting failure for many a planner. Let me take the burden for you so you can concentrate on creating the best meeting for you and your attendees!
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