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Luxury Ice Ice Baby

Who knew that one day frozen water would become so fancy! A 2020 survey by Bosch, found that a whopping 51% of Americans declared themselves as “ice obsessed.” The ice cube has moved way beyond the standard freezer tray or gas station version. If you want a great “ice breaker” for your next event, load[...]

Fun and Festive Thanksgiving Games for the Whole Family

Thanksgiving is a time for families to come together, share a delicious meal, and express gratitude for the blessings in their lives. In between the turkey and pumpkin pie, it’s always a great idea to add a bit of fun and entertainment to your Thanksgiving celebration. That’s where games come in! These engaging and laughter-inducing[...]

A Blog by a Bedbug

Hi, I am a bedbug, and I would like for you to hear me out. Halloween is in a few days, and I know that this is a time when people like to celebrate what goes bump in the night and other creepy crawlies – I think you would consider us in this category. We[...]

Building Community Through Compassion: A Journey of Friendship and Support

When we plan a meeting, we are doing more than scheduling an event, going over contracts, pouring over F&B and the multitude of other items that need to be accomplished. We are building a community, we are bringing together a group of people with shared experiences and a common purpose. Over the years I have[...]

Fueling Productivity: Healthy Snacks for Meetings

Recently, I shared ways to create a dynamic experience for your attendees. One suggestion was to create a station filled with  healthy snacks. This will aid in keeping energy levels high and minds sharp. In this blog post, we’ll explore a variety of nutritious and delicious snacks that are perfect for fueling productivity during meetings.[...]

Creating a Dynamic Experience for Your Attendees

Dynamic Experience

Meeting professionals are marketing and information curators. They understand the importance of staying up-to-date with the ever-evolving landscape of the events industry. Let’s explore some exciting event trends that are shaping the industry and creating dynamic experiences for attendees The New Norm Over the past couple of years, the world has witnessed a major shift[...]

Achieve Coldplay Sustainability for Events and Conferences


Last month, the band Coldplay posted an emissions update concerning their Music of Spheres tour, which has so far produced 47% less C02e emissions than their previous stadium tour in 2016-17. The update also shares that: 66% of all tour waste has been diverted from landfills. 5 million trees planted – one for each concert[...]

Meeting Planner Barbie

Barbie, the iconic fashion doll created by Mattel, lives in a glamorous world of fashion, dream houses, and adventures. However, there’s more to Barbie than just being a fashionista. Over the years she has been a baker, dancer, fashion designer, musician, photojournalist, entrepreneur, farmer, teacher, doctor, dentist, paratrooper, president, astronaut, architect, baseball player and more![...]

Enhancing Productivity and Well-being for Attendees

Incorporating wellness into our daily lives has become increasingly important. Forward-thinking organizations are recognizing the significance of designing wellness into their agendas. Prioritize attendee and staff well-being by creating a supportive environment to boost productivity and foster a positive experience. Mindfulness and Mental Well-being: Incorporate short meditation or breathing exercises at the beginning of meetings[...]

Let Us Carry-On, Shall We?


Airlines are implementing stricter baggage regulations, and if a carry-on is your choice for travel, it’s crucial to choose one that meets both size requirements and your personal needs. Let’s explore the key factors to consider when selecting the perfect carry-on luggage to ensure a hassle-free journey. One Size Does Not Fit All: Each airline[...]