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Back to School

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Backpacks are flying off the shelves, parents are both happy and sad that the kids are soon back to school, schedules are being updated, sleep schedules are being disrupted and soon yellow buses will take to the streets delivering students to class. It is back to school time!

Whether you graduated not too long ago, or longer than you wish to admit ago, keeping up and continually learning is a great way to get new skills and see your world from new perspectives. Here are some back to school ideas for those wishing to level up their learning.

Forbes has a number of online classes to offer including Managing People and Project Management. They also offer Learning Pathways for first time managers, those looking to rise from VP to Exec and for becoming a CFO.

You can also get access to one of Yale’s most coveted classes, The Science of Well-Being. This series of challenges are designed to increase happiness and build productive habits. The course is found on Coursera which has many diverse offerings, including paths that lead to actual degrees!

MPI offers several meeting planning classes for earning certificates and upping your meeting management game. There are basic boot camps, business value of meetings, emergency preparedness, event design and more!

Udemy has courses for everybody, and all are created and taught by industry experts. Find business-specific classes on sales, strategy and media, as well as personal development classes on self-esteem, stress management and leadership. Learn how to take better pictures, do yoga, care for pets, draw with colored pencils, bake artisan sourdough bread or create homemade skincare products.

Rosetta Stone is the go-to for learning that new lingo. Learn to hable Espanol, parle francais, Deutsch sprechen, snakker norsk here.

Looking for something a bit quirky? Check out these MIT classes on Furniture Making, American Pro Wrestling or Street Fighting Mathematics. Bits from Harvard focuses on information such as quantity, resource, and property.

Don’t forget YouTube! YouTube features courses on how to play guitar, accounting, Minute Physics, and StarTalk. Check out this page and start learning whatever it is you’ve always wanted to learn, or at least know more about.

Keep your brain humming, Meeting Planner, and create your own back to school plan today. As for me, I think I may just take up shoemaking 😉

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