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Be My, Be My Baby Yoda

in: Event Planning Advice

You signed up for Disney+, you decide to check out The Mandalorian, you watch the first episode. Maybe you were already all in (as a die-hard Star Wars fan, of course) or maybe you were on the fence about it (you appreciate Star Wars, but this may not be your thing). Then at the end of episode 1, Baby Yoda enters the scene – you’re hooked, you’re all in, you are committed to watching the entire season because – Baby Yoda!

He’s sooooo cute! He is also strong with The Force, which can be crazy helpful in the case of an attack by an intergalactic rhino, aka Mud Horn. But his total lovey-dovey cuteness and allure make him irresistible to viewers, highly sharable all over social media and this picture of George Lucas holding Baby Yoda made hearts melt.

We could all use a “Baby Yoda,” something that makes what-we-do a must-do. A Baby Yoda makes attendees sign up for your event as soon as the dates are announced. They see no need to deep dive into your offering as they can always count on you to always deliver amazing.

Easy to say, but very difficult to make happen. These days there is more competition for attention than ever. Not only other events within your industry, but also the fact that so much information can be found online, via webinars, e-courses, audiobooks . . .  I could go on.

Perhaps it’s time to run a strategy session with your team. Block out a few hours to a few days to look at all you do and find ways to stand out.

Here are some thoughts to get you started:

Keep in mind that even the smallest things (Baby Yoda) can make a big difference! If you need some extra time to implement all your new awesome creative ideas, let me take on finding the perfect place for you to hold your next event, meeting or conference. *

*Jill Stone’s venue finding abilities do not extend beyond planet Earth, but she is working on developing relationships with venues in galaxies far far away.

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