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Be Super in Sales in Only 30 seconds

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One of the keys to being super in sales is the ability to sum up, in only 30 seconds, what you can do and provide; something that will make sense and add value to a client and/or their business. Often referred to as the elevator speech, it is a necessary ingredient for almost anyone. Even though association and corporate meeting planners are not specifically in sales, they are many times called to define their role within a company and educate staff and management on how they impact a company’s marketing goals. For a hotel salesperson, they must effectively position their property as the perfect place for the meeting planner’s meeting.

Everyone should spend some time working on their 30 second sales pitch. As long as you know what ingredients to use, you can develop a short and succinct speech that draws management, and/or potential clients, in so that they will put credence into what you do and have a desire to learn more.

The pitch should have the following ingredients:

  • Short and to the point
  • Clearly state the benefits
  • Clearly state the concept
  • Use emotion to draw the person in
  • Be credible

For example a business coach might say something like, “I help people become more successful. My clients have experienced new ways to enhance their business and increase their sales by 40%, as well as develop skills to keep their staff motivated.”

A meeting planner might say, “I enhance marketing efforts by providing interesting and engaging networking opportunities for my company’s sales staff and their current and potential clients.”

A hotel salesperson might say, “Our property and staff’s primary objective is to work with the client’s meeting goals and to provide an optimum atmosphere from which that goal can be created, presented, and enhanced in every facet of the event.”

Use these ingredients and examples to develop your attention grabbing, tell-me-more, 30 second “Wow!” And be sure to share your pitch with me (see comment section below).

By the way:

“I am Jill Stone with HelmsBriscoe; I help my clients do more with less by presenting ideal venues based on their specific needs. My service enhances their negotiating power; which translates into better availability and pricing for their meetings.” Want to learn more? Contact me at 636-797-3405.

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