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Double Duty Beauty

in: Travel and Hospitality

Too many lotions and potions to pack to keep a beauty routine on track? Try “pairing” things down a bit by packing beauty items that work double-or-more-time.

CC Cream can act as a foundation, sunscreen, concealer and moisturizer all-in-one handy small container.

Get the glow and keep product in place with a makeup primer that also illuminates.

Hydrate + tan + tackle cellulite with Jergens Natural Glow.

Tint or Stain is amazing due to its intense color, making it a one item wonder for lips, eyes and cheeks. Also consider using bronzer for eye lids as well.

Shampoo & Conditioner is a dynamic duo that makes for a great replacement for body wash (shampoo) and shaving cream (conditioner).

Dry Shampoo is a wonder for sprucing up a hair-do, also useful for keeping sneakers smelling fresh.

Clear Nail Polish not only keeps nails shiny, but it also comes in handy for a clothes snag, a quick fix adhesive and it helps keep inexpensive jewelry items from turning green.

Clear Eyebrow Gel tames wild brows, and can also keep hair free from fly-aways and is a great primer for mascara. Clear mascara also works for these needs!

Build a stack of products to include concealer, lipstick, blush, powder, highlighter, lip balm and more.

Go color crazy with easy to pack blend-able pencils for use on lips, brows, eyes and face.

If chapped and irritated skin is an issue, try a healing balm that works from head to toe.

Micellar water is both a cleanser and makeup remover.

Of course, the absolute must-take beauty items can travel along. Purchase a travel container set that include small spatulas for getting out every bit of cherished product.

Coconut oil has so many uses! It is an all over moisturizer for body, face, lips and nails. It works as a makeup remover, deep hair conditioner, deodorant, and wound salve. Add a bit of sugar to create a scrub. Definitely make room for this versatile item.

Less packing means less weight to haul around in a carry-on and more room for souvenirs! Happy travels, Meeting Managers!



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