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Beware of Trolls

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Happy Halloween! The movie Trolls will be in theaters next month. I for one will be taking the grandkids to check it out! I’m also excited that one of my most favorite songs, Can’t Stop the Feeling, by Justin Timberlake will be featured. Don’t get me wrong, Justin does a fine job, but I have to admit that this version really speaks, or should I say sings, to me – and probably to you too ☺

Though the trolls in this movie look pretty darn cute, there are other trolls that are not cute; in fact they are quite scary. There are internet trolls who deliberately try to provoke people by posting cruel comments or actively starting arguments. There are also trolls that are trolling your attendees and wreaking havoc with your room block.

Here are some actions you can take to protect your room block and your attendees:

• Be sure to include all your event information on a website which clearly lists the official venues for your meeting.
• Make sure attendees are aware of the potentiality of room trolls, pirates and poachers. It’s a good idea to ask for an acknowledgement by asking them to check a box or include their initials on this section of the registration process.
• Make staying at the official venue very attractive by offering free shuttles, discounts, swag and value added meet-ups or networking opportunities.
• The easier you make it for attendees to register, the more likely they are to stick with your program. Create a seamless and intuitive system.
• Take some time to match your attendee list with your room list, if there are discrepancies be sure to contact those who have registered for the event, but do not show a reservation at the venue.
• Also alert those who are in charge of the various facets of your event, the more “eyes” out there the better the likelihood that you can stop a troll.
• Consult with your organization’s lawyers about trademarks and/or service marks for the organization, event and event branding/logos.
• It’s easy to right click on a picture at a website, then grab it for your own use, but this does not mean it’s okay to do. Help block this sort of activity by disabling this option on your site.
• Make sure your lists are protected; cyber security is a necessity these days and this is only one reason, there are many more. As a precaution, limit the amount of information that you publish.
• Consider adding a false name to each of your various lists; if one of the lists is compromised you’ll know which one and be able to better determine the leak or insecurity.
• Work with the venue to protect your room block; there are clauses and other wording that can and should be included. I could be quite helpful to you with such items!

Have a fun and safe Halloween, Meeting Planners, and stay away from those trolls – the scary and unkind sort anyway.

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