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Do You Know Me?

Attendee Experience


In my last blog, I promised to share more about personalizing your meetings as Millennials become a prominent factor in the workforce. Millennials are accustomed to being served their interests. If they engage with something online, they expect more of the same to be sent their way. Algorithms on digital platforms like Instagram and TikTok… Read more

Party Like It’s 2023!

Event Planning Advice

Party Like 2023

Hey Planners – last year had its ups and downs . . . and this year will too. My hope for you is that you experience a lot more ups than ever this year! It’s looking good for us. As we move further and further away from the pandemic, people are ready to party like… Read more

Flight-y Stocking Stuffers

Travel and Hospitality

It’s beginning to look a lot like travel during the holidays. It’s also the time to give some travel related gifts! Here is a roundup of some of my new faves, all perfectly sized and priced as stocking stuffers for flight-y friends! Instant Stain Remover: Tide To Go is the perfect travel companion in the… Read more

How to Plan an Anti-Inflammatory Thanksgiving


Accommodating an anti-inflammatory diet can be challenging. Many people are now cutting out gluten, dairy and sugar due to their inflammatory properties. Inflammation can cause arthritis and joint pain, fatigue and even migraines. None of which make for a good Thanksgiving.  Here is how to create a Thanksgiving spread that takes this into consideration. Disclaimer… Read more

Comfy Conference Shoes

Meeting Planning Experience

Oh, those achy feet at the end of a conference day! Whether you are attending a conference or in charge of the conference, being on those feet for an extended amount of time is common. As a self-professed shoe expert, I have some ideas for you. Here are some basics to consider when deciding which… Read more

Scary Scams


Scammers are getting better at their game. Be aware of what is going on out there and what you should do about it! Text sent to the wrong person: People are receiving texts that look as if they are a wrong number. Perhaps the text is about hiring you to photograph their wedding or it… Read more

Less Chaos Calls for a Contingency Plan

Event Planning Advice

It’s not easy to adjust to a world that is unable to rest. What we really want is to proclaim that Covid is a thing of the past. Yet, we continue to hear about our own friends and family coming down with the virus, and when we are exposed we need to look up the… Read more

Drive Time

Event Planning Advice

Due to the rising cost of airfare, more and more attendees are driving in to their meeting destinations. As a result, meeting managers are now considering more drivable cities like Raleigh, Lincoln, Boise and more. If your attendees are planning to road trip their way to your next conference, send along some App-ealing ideas to… Read more

A Trip to the Museum

Event Planning Advice

Museums hold incredible works of art, but they are also ideal for holding an incredible off-site event. Museums are in and of themselves a big part of attracting people to an event. They are aesthetically pleasing, offer interesting spaces and they tend to embody the vibe of a gala, reception, awards show and more.  Here… Read more


Attendee Experience

There was a time when most people drove to an office, worked 9 – 5, and then some. What happened at the office was meant to stay at the office.  What happened at home stayed at home; business was business and personal was personal. At times there was an intermingling between the two – the… Read more