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2021 Year in Review

Meeting Planning Services

2021 review

Time is an interesting concept. It feels like COVID has been with us forever, but it’s only been 2 years. Things that happened just months ago feel like they are in the distant past. At least, that is how it feels to me lately. As I reviewed this past year, I decided to reacquaint myself… Read more

Travel Gifts

Travel and Hospitality

travel gifts

Who do you know that loves to travel? Part of the joy of travel for some is owning cool travel gadgets and goodies that make travel easier and more enjoyable. Get out that credit card, you are going to want to buy these for your most mobile buddies, and maybe even add one to your… Read more




One of the more wonderful gifts that Thanksgiving brings to us is the fact that it places Gratitude front and center. It causes us to pause and give thanks. Here is my list: 6 Healthy Grandkids: Each and every one of them bring me great joy. I am happy to have them over often and… Read more

Travel Safety: Summary

Event Planning Advice

travel safety summary

In this fourth and final blog of my Travel Safety Series, I will share some final information as pulled together by HelmsBriscoe concerning the state of meeting travel. Though our industry has been through difficult times before, this particular time stands out as phenomenal. Meeting planners are masters at pivoting and champions of change, always… Read more

Travel Safety: The Science of the Controlled Environment

Event Planning Advice

controlled environment

Seasoned meeting planners know that there is only so much we can control. That said, there is also SO MUCH that is actually is within our control, even in this time of COVID. Scientific research has been conducted on the efficacy of current approaches to limiting the spread of the virus. It’s definitely worth a… Read more

Travel Safety: Cabin Air

Travel and Hospitality

cabin air

In the last blog I shared all about masks, and how they are a primary factor in keeping meeting planners and attendees safe from COVID-19. Now we’re going to talk about another safety factor concerning cabin air. Though a crowded plane seems like the perfect environment for spreading the virus, the risk is quite a… Read more

Variables and Variants

Event Planning Advice


At this very moment there are many variables – and variants – to take into consideration. Event planning and management has always been challenging. Now it’s beyond challenging; there are many unknowns, and a lot of conflicting and confusing information coming at us from every platform. It’s a wonder any of us can even plan… Read more

To Mask or Not To Mask

Event Planning Advice

This pandemic is not going to end anytime soon. Event Managers are tasked with keeping up with the latest information, which includes the ever-looming, ever-changing, ever-challenging question of when to include mask mandates and what do they look like. Here are some resources for you: The CDC website is a good start. At their site… Read more