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Drive Time

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Due to the rising cost of airfare, more and more attendees are driving in to their meeting destinations. As a result, meeting managers are now considering more drivable cities like Raleigh, Lincoln, Boise and more. If your attendees are planning to road trip their way to your next conference, send along some App-ealing ideas to… Read more

A Trip to the Museum

Event Planning Advice

Museums hold incredible works of art, but they are also ideal for holding an incredible off-site event. Museums are in and of themselves a big part of attracting people to an event. They are aesthetically pleasing, offer interesting spaces and they tend to embody the vibe of a gala, reception, awards show and more.  Here… Read more


Attendee Experience

There was a time when most people drove to an office, worked 9 – 5, and then some. What happened at the office was meant to stay at the office.  What happened at home stayed at home; business was business and personal was personal. At times there was an intermingling between the two – the… Read more

Get the Conversation Started

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In person meetings are making a comeback. As many people are “getting back out there,” there is some trepidation; people are feeling less confident about the social interactions to come. Help your attendees get the conversation started with these effective and fun ideas! Q&A: By beginning a conversation with a surprising question, things are sure to… Read more

Tax-Free Time!


With all the uncertainty around the economy, many of us are in for a bit of a breather from taxes for back to school supplies. Participating states plan this event for different Sales Tax Holiday Weekends beginning at the end of July and through August.  Each state handles it differently; be sure to consult your… Read more

Save Money on Meetings

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save money

Keeping an eye on the budget and spending wisely is a consistent concern for meeting managers. As gas prices rise and affect air travel costs, as the world continues to open creating demand for meeting space, and the myriad of other changes going on at this time, budgets are a top of mind subject. Here… Read more

Dad, The Joke’s on You!

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Dad Jokes

We are soon to celebrate Father’s Day! In honor of fathers everywhere, I would like to turn your attention to the Dad Joke. I love Dad Jokes! I love them so much I share them on my Facebook page. Dad jokes are not appreciated by all. Some define a dad joke as “an unoriginal or… Read more

Meeting Planning 2030


Meeting Planning 2030

Let’s boldly go where no meeting planner has gone before. It’s the year 2030. Here is a glimpse of what that year looks like for the meeting planner? Let’s ponder the possibilities! Blurred Lines: The idea of virtual meetings seemed as something that would occur a bit further into the future, but as we all… Read more

Mother Meeting Planners

Meeting Planning Experience

May is the month we celebrate mothers. Whether or not you are a mother, if you are a meeting planner, you definitely have a sense of what it’s like to be a mother. We are the caretakers of many when it comes to those that take part in our events. We plan for the future… Read more