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Bring on the Fireworks

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Happy 4th of July Meeting Planners! This weekend many of you will attend celebrations and several of the events will surely include fireworks. Have you ever thought about including fireworks in one of your events? You should do so! All you have to do is buy some fireworks, hire your friends to help, show up and blow up – kidding!

Of course, there are a few items you need to consider before puttin’ on the Ritz – because, well, you don’t want to blow the place up to bitz.

  • Pros: Reach out to your network and talk to the venue; find out who is who in the fireworks biz. Without a doubt you will want a company that has experience and that clearly understands how to create a show that leaves an impression, but also puts safety first.
  • Approvals: You will need to apply for and receive a fireworks display permit for your event. Call the local authorities and inquire about obtaining all the necessary permits. The firework company you decide to hire can assist you. Also, of course, make sure the venue gives approval AND that it is included in the contract.
  • Expenses: Do your due diligence in learning of all the costs involved. There are costs for fireworks, permits, support staff, security, and the venue may require additional funds as well. Comprehensive general liability insurance will be required, and there may be a cost for the fire department who should have staff on hand at your event.
  • Space: Be aware of the fallout zone, it’s necessary. This places the audience a safe distance from the fireworks. The size of the area will be determined by the size of the largest fireworks shell to be utilized in the display.
  • Date: As soon as you know the when and where, you will need to contact a fireworks company to reserve the date – the more lead time the better. Independence Day, Memorial Day, New Year’s Eve and Labor Day are the major firework holidays, so it will be difficult to secure a company on these days. Saturdays tend to be popular for wedding, anniversaries and birthdays.
  • DYK: Fireworks can be a part of your event in other ways as well. Some companies that are well versed in including fireworks to add to stage productions. For city-wide events, you can create a big bang with fireworks shot from several of the rooftops!

Fireworks are a great way to brings awareness and promotion for your event; thousands can be entertained at the same time, and fireworks will add a big celebratory feel to your event. Let the fireworks begin! Have a fun & safe 4th of July!


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