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Can You Hear Me?

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Better yet, is anyone even listening? I came across a blog the other day where the author was discussing his reason for blogging; he blogs because he wants to be heard. He asks for comments because he assumes that his readers, too, wish to be heard.

This all seems so timely to me. At this very moment, I am running a contest where each comment gains you an entry to winning a gift certificate along with a chance to be interviewed and featured in an upcoming blog. But I have not seen very many comments. Why do you think that is?

Is it simply the nature of being a meeting planner? I think sometimes meeting planners are simply not seen or heard. We are the behind the scenes magicians; creating amazing events to be enjoyed by all, with no one really getting the crazy amount of details necessary to create that seemingly seamless magic.

A meeting planner friend of mine once told me a story about how no matter what city, hotel or restaurant they were in, that if the VP of the company was in attendance she would make sure that the kitchen prepared blue cheese stuffed olives; his favorite martini accompaniment. One time he said to her, “Wow, these olives have really caught on, they’re everywhere.” He had not one clue that she was the one that made it happen.

Has that ever happened to you? Be heard, meeting planners! C’mon, I’m sure you have something to say, so say it – I know you’re busy but please take a quick moment, leave a comment and be heard! I really do want to hear what you have to say and I’m sure that I and your fellow meeting planners can learn a lot from your comments. In honor of you – Jill Stone, HelmsBriscoe.

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