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The Catch-Up Collection – What Meeting Planners Should Know Now

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Meeting Planners catch up

Right now, there are is a lot of uncertainty and a lot of pivots. While meeting planners are accustomed to staying on-trend, champions of reinvention and have always been technology-driven, the changes are coming so fast and furious, it’s hard to stay caught up, much less catch our breath.

Here are some quick and to-the-point items you need to know now!

  • Canceling and Rebooking of Meetings: The big challenge many meeting planners face is finding someone to work with at the hotels. Much of their staff has been furloughed; this includes sales managers, even national sales managers. CVB staffs have also been affected. This crazy state of affairs could be alleviated simply by calling your favorite Meeting Matchmaker Fairy Godmother.
  • What Are Your Meeting Attendees Thinking?: Do you know? Any idea? Don’t guess, instead, make it point to learn directly from your attendees. Find out about the questions, needs, wants, fears and expectations they have. Make some phone calls, or consider sending out a survey. Find out about their willingness to travel, what types of educational content they need, do they feel comfortable going to a meeting even at 25% or 50% capacity.
  • Copyright Rules for Digital Events: Just like live events, any copyrighted music, visuals and videos require permissions to use. Licenses through PROs, performing rights organizations, may need to be reworked to accommodate a digital event. If the meeting will be recorded, additional licenses may be required. Check with legal and make sure you’re protected. For more information check out this blog posted at Successful Meetings.
  • Know the State/Territory Guidelines: Wherever the meeting may be held, make sure to learn the guiding principles for the area. Also, check out the CDC website. They share information for considerations for events and gatherings, including ways to promote healthy behaviors, maintaining healthy environments and operations, and preparing for when someone gets sick.
  • Hotel Know-How: All travelers should know the safety tips for staying in a hotel. Check out the destination before checking in, no need to go where coronavirus cases are on the upswing; research the hotels COVID practices, including their plans for guests who fall ill during their stay; wear masks, practice Safe 6, don’t touch your face; request a room that has not been occupied for few days; learn more here.
  • Take Care of You: Meeting planners are natural caretakers. We take care of many details, and many people! We want all who come to our meetings to have an amazing experience and to be safe. It’s a big part of what we do, and as a result, we sometimes put ourselves last. Take care of you!

What did I miss? Let me know what new and amazing information I should know about and I will make sure to share it on my social media.

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