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Fueling Productivity: Healthy Snacks for Meetings

Recently, I shared ways to create a dynamic experience for your attendees. One suggestion was to create a station filled with  healthy snacks. This will aid in keeping energy levels high and minds sharp. In this blog post, we’ll explore a variety of nutritious and delicious snacks that are perfect for fueling productivity during meetings.[...]

Enhancing Productivity and Well-being for Attendees

Incorporating wellness into our daily lives has become increasingly important. Forward-thinking organizations are recognizing the significance of designing wellness into their agendas. Prioritize attendee and staff well-being by creating a supportive environment to boost productivity and foster a positive experience. Mindfulness and Mental Well-being: Incorporate short meditation or breathing exercises at the beginning of meetings[...]

Experiential Dining is on Trend

Experiential Dining

Been there, done that – that’s a valid thought. Many have experienced table side knife-wielding, shrimp juggling, stir fry. Also, places like Rainforest Café for a bit of thunder, lightning and ape escapes. These experiences still exist, but their novelty may have worn off a bit. It’s now time for some updated experiential dining trends.[...]

Valentine’s Day Goods

I heart you, Meeting Planner! Next week we celebrate the love-liest day of the year – Valentine’s Day <3 A day when flowers, chocolate and more abound. Show love for staff and clients by sending out some “goods”! Do Good: Flowers: Flowers are always a welcome addition to any event. Does it break your heart[...]

Do You Know Me?


In my last blog, I promised to share more about personalizing your meetings as Millennials become a prominent factor in the workforce. Millennials are accustomed to being served their interests. If they engage with something online, they expect more of the same to be sent their way. Algorithms on digital platforms like Instagram and TikTok[...]


There was a time when most people drove to an office, worked 9 – 5, and then some. What happened at the office was meant to stay at the office.  What happened at home stayed at home; business was business and personal was personal. At times there was an intermingling between the two – the[...]

The Panel Primer


A panel discussion for your event is a great way to bring together a group of industry experts to share their knowledge and guidance, while also allowing your audience to participate with questions and comments. Panels are a relatively easy addition to your event, but they can do require a bit of planning. Here are[...]

The Now Foodie

food trends

In-person meetings are happening! And hopefully, they will continue to happen. Of course, where there are people, there is food. Here are some yummy food trends to keep an eye on! Safety: Due to COVID, people are hyper-aware of food safety. Be sure to consult with your venue to understand what protocols they have in[...]

Maximize your Micro-Experiences


Pre-Covid we held some very large events. Some were so huge they would take over an entire city. And though the vaccines are serving as a light at the end of the tunnel, we are still in the time of Covid and must remain mindful of all we do. One thing a planner can do[...]

And Now for 2021

What could this year possibly have in store for us? We did not see 2020 coming and even though it’s over, the ghost of 2020 is still with us. 2020 very much changed how we do almost everything and it’s setting many a trend. And while all of it is a bit dizzying, I think[...]