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Is Your Event Ready for the Sober Curious?

More and more people are drinking less and less. There’s a new trend that is bellying up to the bar as of late. Here is your primer on becoming fluent in the “sober curious” movement. Not drinking: The movement is more about promoting health and wellness. The thought behind is that just because you are[...]

Drone On: Using Drones at Your Events


Drones have been around awhile, but their uses continue to grow each and every day. Before you take to the skies there a few IMPORTANT rules and regulations you should definitely be aware of, check out this article on MeetingsNet for the facts. Before the Event: Use drones to capture footage to promote your event,[...]

Food and Drink Trends 2018


Last year I shared some food and drink trends for 2017; these included healthier sodas, new and interesting teas, and “free” food as in dairy-free, gluten-free and allergen-free. As we close out the taste bud trends of this year, let’s take a look at what’s in store for 2018. Meat alternatives are going mainstream. Look[...]

Let’s Go on a Data – or – How to Stay Attractive to Attendees


You can dress up your event with amazing décor, send out the most enticing and eye-catching invitations, book amazing speakers and more, all to charm attendees into showing up to your event. But how do you keep them coming back again and again? Data! The more data collected, processed and put into play, the better[...]

(New) Kind of a Swag


It’s time for a Swag Update meeting planners. Now swag this – rather than fill up a bag of with stuff, much of which could end up in a land fill, there is a way to provide awesome swag that does not require your attendees to haul around extra weight nor take up space in[...]

How Engaging


There are many way to foster learning and engagement at your next conference. Creating a vibrant and memorable learning experience does not have to be costly or difficult. Here are a few super easy to implement ideas for you: Collaborate: Passive listening is no longer as popular with modern day meeting participants as it used[...]

Speaking of Content


Content is an important ingredient. We blog (I’m doing so right now!), we make videos, we post and post more, we share information on our profiles – and all of this adds up to your audience understanding the many facets of you and what you do. When it comes to events, content is the draw.[...]

Summer It: Bring Summer to Your Next Event


It is summer and are you ready for your summer events? Make sure to Summer It with these hot ideas! Color It: Think bright yellows, pinks, greens and blues. Incorporate these colors into your décor, invitations, digital media visuals and more. Theme It: Luaus are still a hit. Think flamingos, pineapples, alohas and donuts. Pool[...]

No More NS at the GS Part 2


Last week I shared some tips for ensuring that your GS, General Session, is a have-to-be-there affair. Here are some more tips for ensuring that those RSVPs show up! Ask: If no shows are a past issue, reach out to past no shows and ask them for feedback. This may provide you with all you[...]

No More NS at the GS


We all know how important RSVPs are to an event. They help to determine how much F&B and staff will be required. It speaks to the effectiveness of the event marketing, if the needs of the industry are being met and if the content provided is of value. And then, there are the No Shows[...]