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For Aspiring Event Professionals

Yay you for choosing to become an event professional. Many of us have found it to be an exciting and rewarding career choice. To help newbies navigate the industry and set themselves up for success, here is some expert advice from me. I just happen to be what you may call a seasoned event professional.[...]

Post-Event Duties

Post-event duties

After a conference, the attendees pack their bags and go home – excited and inspired! Meeting managers take a few minutes to high-five their team and then, well, they have a lot more work to do. Here is your After-Event-Wrap-Up List. Feedback: Collecting feedback from attendees helps the team determine what worked, didn’t work, needs[...]

We Could All Use a Little, Well a lot, of Change


It seems we are all feeling the pinch, costs are high making everyone feel a bit unstable. Not too very long ago, eggs were considered just a part of breakfast, now they’re practically a luxury item – now we’re wondering if the eggs are coming from golden geese. That is, if you can even find[...]

Party Like It’s 2023!

Party Like 2023

Hey Planners – last year had its ups and downs . . . and this year will too. My hope for you is that you experience a lot more ups than ever this year! It’s looking good for us. As we move further and further away from the pandemic, people are ready to party like,[...]

Less Chaos Calls for a Contingency Plan

It’s not easy to adjust to a world that is unable to rest. What we really want is to proclaim that Covid is a thing of the past. Yet, we continue to hear about our own friends and family coming down with the virus, and when we are exposed we need to look up the[...]

Drive Time

Due to the rising cost of airfare, more and more attendees are driving in to their meeting destinations. As a result, meeting managers are now considering more drivable cities like Raleigh, Lincoln, Boise and more. If your attendees are planning to road trip their way to your next conference, send along some App-ealing ideas to[...]

A Trip to the Museum

Museums hold incredible works of art, but they are also ideal for holding an incredible off-site event. Museums are in and of themselves a big part of attracting people to an event. They are aesthetically pleasing, offer interesting spaces and they tend to embody the vibe of a gala, reception, awards show and more.  Here[...]

Get the Conversation Started

In person meetings are making a comeback. As many people are “getting back out there,” there is some trepidation; people are feeling less confident about the social interactions to come. Help your attendees get the conversation started with these effective and fun ideas! Q&A: By beginning a conversation with a surprising question, things are sure to[...]

Save Money on Meetings

save money

Keeping an eye on the budget and spending wisely is a consistent concern for meeting managers. As gas prices rise and affect air travel costs, as the world continues to open creating demand for meeting space, and the myriad of other changes going on at this time, budgets are a top of mind subject. Here[...]

The Panel Primer


A panel discussion for your event is a great way to bring together a group of industry experts to share their knowledge and guidance, while also allowing your audience to participate with questions and comments. Panels are a relatively easy addition to your event, but they can do require a bit of planning. Here are[...]