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Happy April 20th, otherwise known as 4/20, or 420, which is slang for marijuana use. If you were in San Francisco today, you may head on over to Hippie Hill to celebrate cannabis with a big crowd. In case you are going, please do pay attention to their FAQs, which includes information like it being[...]

Meetings 2022

Meetings 2022

Happy 2022, Meeting Planners! I consulted with my crystal ball (aka Google) and traveled to the ends of the internet to find information to help you navigate this new year. Here is what you need to know: Compression is a word being tossed about as a way to explain what is happening in meeting space[...]

Travel Safety: Summary

travel safety summary

In this fourth and final blog of my Travel Safety Series, I will share some final information as pulled together by HelmsBriscoe concerning the state of meeting travel. Though our industry has been through difficult times before, this particular time stands out as phenomenal. Meeting planners are masters at pivoting and champions of change, always[...]

Travel Safety: The Science of the Controlled Environment

controlled environment

Seasoned meeting planners know that there is only so much we can control. That said, there is also SO MUCH that is actually is within our control, even in this time of COVID. Scientific research has been conducted on the efficacy of current approaches to limiting the spread of the virus. It’s definitely worth a[...]

Variables and Variants


At this very moment there are many variables – and variants – to take into consideration. Event planning and management has always been challenging. Now it’s beyond challenging; there are many unknowns, and a lot of conflicting and confusing information coming at us from every platform. It’s a wonder any of us can even plan[...]

To Mask or Not To Mask

This pandemic is not going to end anytime soon. Event Managers are tasked with keeping up with the latest information, which includes the ever-looming, ever-changing, ever-challenging question of when to include mask mandates and what do they look like. Here are some resources for you: The CDC website is a good start. At their site[...]

What Now?

What now

Without a doubt, COVID-19 has transformed our industry. We’ve mastered some skills we really didn’t want to have, like cancelling events. At the same time, we accelerated and mastered our online digital event skills in order to keep our audiences informed and connected. So, what now? In recent blogs, I’ve shared a lot about hybrid[...]

Sponsorship Opportunities


This blog is the third in a series I am presenting on sponsorship. I have shared information about how Sponsorships Start with Relationships and why you need to Think About Sponsorships Yesterday. Today we explore exciting sponsorship opportunities to offer in exchange for their participation. Sure, their logo will be included on the website, newsletters,[...]

Think about Sponsorship Yesterday


In my last blog I shared how Sponsorships Start with Relationships. I highly recommend reading that blog before you read this one as it’s a great primer for what I share here. Just like the events you plan, relationships take time, care and nurturing. Here are some thoughts on how to take your sponsorships up[...]

Sponsorships Start with Relationships


Finding sponsors is not easy. It takes a lot more than a brochure and a good story. Setting the foundation for a relationship is the best ways to start and is key to creating a sustainable sponsorship process. Spend more time cultivating relationships now and you’ll spend less time chasing that next dollar down the[...]