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Jill Stone

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The “F” Word (but not that “F” word)

There are a lot “F” words out there, many that I would definitely prefer to use over others. Today I share with you some of my most favorite “F” words! Financial: I love this word because it plays a huge role in what we do as meeting planners. Does the cost of a meeting make[...]

Are you Renaissance? Yes, You Are!


You’ve heard the term “Renaissance Man” or “Renaissance Woman.” These are the people that have a ton of talents and several areas of knowledge. Sound like you? If you’re a meeting planner you absolutely are a Renaissance Person! Meeting planning requires a huge skill set. I took some time to create a list of skills[...]

Across the Pond…


or any other destination your group may go, usually requires a bit more planning. Here are a few ways to prepare for an international meeting: Who do you know: You’ve been to your own conferences and networking meetings, reach out to some of your contacts or organizations and ask if they can connect you to[...]

Be a Dy-na-Mo


Good day to all you dynamic meeting planners out there. Today let’s put a bit of mo’ in your Dy-na-mo! Every day there are mo’ technical tools at your disposal – almost too many to know and digest. No worries, I did so for you – check out these tools and mo’! Mo’ Time: Making[...]

We’ve Got Is(shoes)


As a group, we meeting planners definitely have our share of is(shoes).  Most notably, how often, how much and how many places our shoes have walked! Before the event we will walk in the shoes of our attendees to: Make sure room accommodations are well appointed, and that VIP suites are up to snuff. Walk[...]

Be Mine


Valentine’s Day is on its way. People will express their love to their partners, children and friends . . . and some of us may even express our love to our careers. Meeting Planners love what they do; it’s a career of passion. What do us planners love most? My thoughts: Meet Me: Virtual meetings[...]

Callin’ Jill Stone

Jill Stone

Happy Holidays! Among the time-honored traditions of the season is a special carol by yours truly. Enjoy!

You Must Be a Meeting Planner . . .

meeting planner

Meeting Planners are a different breed. They have skill sets that like none other. Meeting Planners are ultra-organized, detail-oriented, super-active, forward-thinking, forever-curious and beyond-amazing, and due to this they are crazy-busy. Here are some more lighthearted ways to know that “You Must Be a Meeting Planner.” If you are looking forward to jury duty, You[...]



Do this, enter the word “Negotiate” into Google, then click on images. Most of what comes up are images of handshakes. In other words, this is what negotiation leads to – a deal that you seal with a handshake, or as we like to call it in the Meetings biz, a contract. To be an[...]

A Salute to the Star (aka Me)

We are each the star of our own worlds, but it’s so nice when others consider you a star of their world as well. I recently had a shining moment when I was recognized for my outstanding contributions to my local MPI chapter, SLAMPI. I joined the Special Events Committee and, thanks to my hotel[...]