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Take Back Travel – There Are Apps for That

Travel Apps

For those of us who have been in the meeting planning business for a few decades, we often find ourselves talking about the good ole days of travel. The days when travel felt like a treat! It was a fun and stress-less adventure with accommodating airlines and happy passengers. Yes, much has changed. But maybe,[...]

OMG FYI TMI: Acronym Overload


So the other day I was contacted by the CSM concerning an RFP from a CMP. They had some questions about the F&B and AV J Since some of may be experiencing FOMO (JK!) with this acronym overload, although I’m sure you are familiar with most of these, I wanted to make sure you were[...]

So That’s How it Works!


If you’re anything like me, you know that your phone, computer and tablet all have something mysterious inside that connects to a magical internet world where you can find information, watch videos, send messages and more. You know there are terms tossed around like Internet Speed, Bandwidth and Wi-Fi and you know you want a[...]

I Wish List of Travel Gadgets

wish list

How often do you say something like this when you travel – “I wish I could get a super cool gadget that would do this super necessary thing for me while traveling.” Here is a round up of some the latest super cool gadgets for your I Wish List. I Wish I Could Charge My[...]

Futurassic Park Meeting Planners

Meeting Planners

I recently published a blog about those that may not be keeping up as well as some of us. But in all reality, my experience with most meeting planners has been this: Meeting planners are influencers within their organization, they have the pulse on what’s new and what’s coming, they are with it, organized and[...]

Why Wi-Fi?

Why Wi-Fi

I recently came across a post saying that Wi-Fi is as important as running water – and in today’s world, this truly is how people feel. We are a connected world, and when that connection is interrupted, people get a little wiggy. Wi-Fi is our passport to the world; via our phones, tablets, computers and[...]

Is Your Attendees’ Data Being Compromised?


As meeting planners, it is our responsibility to ensure a safe environment, to the best of our ability, for our attendees. This comes into play when choosing the location of the meeting, the hotel, the choice of transportation, and now, another area of concern is data. Your attendees are physically present at your meeting, but[...]

2016 List of Lists on Meeting Trends

meeting trends

What’s in store for meeting planners this year? Here is go to list for you. I found lists that cover technology, food and more. Technology: When it comes to what’s new in tech plus meetings, the go-to-guy is Corbin Ball. In this list he shares the various technologies and social media platforms to keep on[...]

One Cool Tip

One Cool Tip

We are bombarded daily with tech and digital information, so it’s nice to know that out there is someone who has chosen to serve us – not with an overwhelming amount of high level tech information – but in easy small doses at just One Cool Tip at a time. Meet my friend Rodger Mansfield.[...]

Mobile Apps for Events

Mobile Apps

At this point we have all become quite app savvy. Apps have replaced so many things in our lives, we pretty much rely on them for everything from our weather, to flashlights, to grocery lists and more. Mobile apps have also replaced many of the items we used to have to print up for events.[...]