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Happy Valentine’s Week (yes, week!)

Valentine's Week

Starting today, celebrations of all things lovey-dovey kick off, it’s Valentine’s Week. Each day has its own focus and we are taking this a step further with an amazing itinerary on where to celebrate each day. Rose Day, Monday February 7, 2022 First stop is Pasadena, California, home of the famous Tournament of Roses Parade![...]

Travel Gifts

travel gifts

Who do you know that loves to travel? Part of the joy of travel for some is owning cool travel gadgets and goodies that make travel easier and more enjoyable. Get out that credit card, you are going to want to buy these for your most mobile buddies, and maybe even add one to your[...]

Travel Safety: Cabin Air

cabin air

In the last blog I shared all about masks, and how they are a primary factor in keeping meeting planners and attendees safe from COVID-19. Now we’re going to talk about another safety factor concerning cabin air. Though a crowded plane seems like the perfect environment for spreading the virus, the risk is quite a[...]

Travel Safety Data for Meetings and Events: Information About Masks

safety in travel

Travel safety during the pandemic is a top of mind subject that I will address over the next few blogs. HelmsBriscoe has assembled a one sheet with data and information that supports safety in travel for professional meetings and events. Please feel free to share this valuable document with your staff and attendees. It was[...]

You Can’t Sit (on our Plane) with Us: COVID Testing for Air Travel


Not that the airlines are going to go all Mean Girls on us. But these days, proof of a COVID vaccination and/or a negative COVID test is necessary for gaining access to your seat in the plane’s cabin. Airports are stepping up to the challenge by offering rapid COVID testing on the spot. For many[...]

The New Way to TSA


We’ve talked about the new protocols put in place by hotels and airlines in response to COVID-19, now onto the TSA. Here is what to be prepared for and what to expect: Wearing a facemask is encouraged, but know that during the screening process a TSA officer may ask the face covering be adjusted. Personal[...]

Cleaning Plane and Not So Simple

clean plane

Let me take you back, to a time not so long ago, but well before any of us had ever heard of COVID-19. A time when washing our hands was important and we found ourselves carrying around cute little lovely scented bottles of hand sanitizer around with us, giving not one bit of thought as[...]

Housecleaning and Cleaning and Cleaning


COVID-19 has created a new level of cleaning for many businesses. What was being cleaned before, is being cleaned again and again many times over each and every day. For hotels and traversers, cleaning has taken center stage. Hyatt, Hilton, and Marriott are just a few of the hotels announcing how they are now handling[...]

Genie Wanted

If you were to find a lamp and that lamp just happened to contain a genie and that genie offered you three wishes, what would your three wishes be? With the new Aladdin movie hitting the screens, we will inevitably find ourselves pondering this question. People may wish to wish for a billion dollars, a[...]

Feeling Blue? Or are you feeling Yellow?

If there is one thing Meeting Professionals love and adore, it’s fresh and innovative ideas! In my own hometown of St. Louis, Missouri, a new hotel recently opened and get this – you can choose your own hotel room according to color. The hotel is called Angad Arts Hotel, and there’s a big reason why[...]