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Totality Awesome! The Great American Eclipse of 2017


Where will you be on August 21, 2017? If you’re lucky you will be somewhere in the band across the United States that will experience a total eclipse of the sun. I’m super excited as I live right in that band! In fact, residents of Jefferson County, Missouri are expecting over 800,000 visitors, making Highway[...]

Safety Features Part 1


Most meeting planners are frequent travelers, jetting about the country and the globe, to coordinate wonderful events. Among the skill set of all meeting planners is one that is most valuable and this attention to detail. No detail goes unnoticed by the savvy and organized planner. The detail we will explore today is an important[...]

Take Back Travel – There Are Apps for That

Travel Apps

For those of us who have been in the meeting planning business for a few decades, we often find ourselves talking about the good ole days of travel. The days when travel felt like a treat! It was a fun and stress-less adventure with accommodating airlines and happy passengers. Yes, much has changed. But maybe,[...]

Travel Hacks from Expert Crystal Washington

travel hacks

With summer vacation upon us – and if anyone deserves a vacation, it’s the meeting planners – now is the time to catch up on the latest resources and ideas for making the most of your vacation! For some expert advice I turned to Crystal Washington. Crystal has a reputation for taking complex web and[...]

Tipping the World


In the USA we tip; we tip wait staff, bartenders, baristas, drivers, hairdressers, hotel staff, dog groomers – if it’s service oriented, it probably calls for a tip. Some services, especially those that work in the tourism and restaurant industries, rely on tips as their income. These folks may only make around $2.50+ an hour,[...]

I Wish List of Travel Gadgets

wish list

How often do you say something like this when you travel – “I wish I could get a super cool gadget that would do this super necessary thing for me while traveling.” Here is a round up of some the latest super cool gadgets for your I Wish List. I Wish I Could Charge My[...]

Hacky Pack


Where there is vacation there is travel, and where there is travel there is packing – and when it comes to packing I am a pro! I love learning about new and awesome hacks for packing. In my many recent travels about the internet, I’ve discovered some new packing hacks to share with you. Hair[...]

Ghostbusters Check In


The next Ghostbusters movie, hoping to be a blockbuster movie, is out. If the Ghostbusters were real, there are some hotels and other venues that may wish to give them a call and comp them a few rooms. Through my blogging years I have highlighted some of the properties that favor the more haunted side[...]

Hotels of the Rich and Famous


Thanks to Steve Lee of the Palm Springs Convention & Visitors Bureau, I recently visited Palm Springs and attended their International Film Festival, because that’s just what us Hollywood types do. Along with spotting Kate Winslet, Steve Carrell and Johnny Depp, I got a chance to see the wonderful Indian Wells Resort Hotel (pictured here)[...]

Holiday Airport Travel Hacks

Travel Hacks

It is my most sincere wish that if you are traveling in December it’s for fun and maybe even some sun. No matter where you are traveling, however, this time of year tends to be crazy at the airport. As an early holiday gift to you I present a few ideas to make your travel[...]