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Can’t Touch This: Because Germs are So Last Season

In a world where even handshakes feel like ancient history, we embrace the touchless revolution. From check-ins to check-outs, payments to presentations, and everything in between, here’s a rundown of the touchless wonders that are saving us from germs and perhaps some awkward interactions. Touchless TSA Pre-Check – What?! Welcome to the future, where TSA[...]

Building Community Through Compassion: A Journey of Friendship and Support

When we plan a meeting, we are doing more than scheduling an event, going over contracts, pouring over F&B and the multitude of other items that need to be accomplished. We are building a community, we are bringing together a group of people with shared experiences and a common purpose. Over the years I have[...]

Tax-Free Time!

With all the uncertainty around the economy, many of us are in for a bit of a breather from taxes for back to school supplies. Participating states plan this event for different Sales Tax Holiday Weekends beginning at the end of July and through August.  Each state handles it differently; be sure to consult your[...]

Dad, The Joke’s on You!

Dad Jokes

We are soon to celebrate Father’s Day! In honor of fathers everywhere, I would like to turn your attention to the Dad Joke. I love Dad Jokes! I love them so much I share them on my Facebook page. Dad jokes are not appreciated by all. Some define a dad joke as “an unoriginal or[...]

Meeting Planning 2030

Meeting Planning 2030

Let’s boldly go where no meeting planner has gone before. It’s the year 2030. Here is a glimpse of what that year looks like for the meeting planner? Let’s ponder the possibilities! Blurred Lines: The idea of virtual meetings seemed as something that would occur a bit further into the future, but as we all[...]

QR Codes for Events

QR Codes

QR Codes are eye-catching and a great way to lead people to information.  Plus, they can be placed just about anywhere. Believe it or not, QR Codes have been around since 1994. They were invited by Masahiro Hara to optimize and manage “inventories of an ever-expanding range of automotive parts.” At the time, bar codes[...]

Planners Remain an Important Asset

Over the past couple of years, how we plan events and meetings has changed and pivoted more than ever before experienced. And these changes do not only apply to our work life, the pandemic has profoundly affected all that we do – how we home, shop, sleep, dress (leggings anyone?) and more. The dust has[...]



One of the more wonderful gifts that Thanksgiving brings to us is the fact that it places Gratitude front and center. It causes us to pause and give thanks. Here is my list: 6 Healthy Grandkids: Each and every one of them bring me great joy. I am happy to have them over often and[...]

Masks Are the New Black


Masks are all the rage these days and for good reason – they significantly reduce the spread of COVID-19 and other diseases. It makes a lot of sense! Let’s talk about the things you should know: Not all masks are created equal – the variety is amazing. You should consider things like the type of[...]

Self-Quarantine Survival Guide


Schools are closed, don’t travel, wash your hands, make sure you have hand sanitizer and on and on and on – if you’re feeling anxious and confused – you are not alone. During this time of COVID-19 and quarantine, we are being challenged in ways we did not see coming. You are surely losing out[...]