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The Holidays are Not Over: March Part 2

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holidays not over

In my last blog I talked up the many, many fun things to celebrate in March. My goodness, there was a lot to celebrate! I only made it through half the month, so I hope you are well rested and got in a good nap on March 14th. We are now gearing up for more celebrations to round out the month of March. Here we go!

I’m happy to announce that no matter what you do on March 16th is the right thing to do so you can’t go wrong. That said, you can be even more right by eating an Artichoke. Also, refrain from taking any Selfies, but do take pictures of Pandas (or at least watch a cute panda video).

If you’re seeing green on March 17th that’s due to St. Patrick’s Day. Drink some green beer, eat some corned beef and cabbage – have fun, be safe!

Fast forward to March 22, which is a Tuesday, quite appropriate for making some Taco Tuesday Crunchy Tacos. If carbs are your jive, grab a loaf of French Bread. Match it with some olive oil bread dipper and you have a winner! For your entertainment, enjoy a Puppet reciting Poetry on this channel.

The next day, March 23, must be mentioned as it celebrates Tamales, Chip and Dip, Chia and Melba Toast. So, Melba Toast may be a bit dry, but its origin story is anything but; it was created for an opera singer from a fan, who also happened to be a chef. The best thing about March 23 is that it is National Puppy Day! And I love and adore my puppy, Bailey!

March 26 celebrates Spinach and Nougat, to be eaten separately. For Star Trek Fans, it’s also a nod to our favorite half-Vulcan, Mr. Spock, who reminded us to Live Long and Prosper. Perhaps a great way to do so is to Make Up Your Own Holiday.

Cat lovers will want to celebrate March 28 which is Respect Your Cat Day.

Cake lovers should plan on eating Black Forest Cake on March 28, then Lemon Chiffon Cake on March 29.

March 30 is the perfect day to take a Virtual Vacation. On YouTube find videos that will have you Paragliding in the Himalayas to “exploring the boundless beauty of New Zealand.” Or, schedule a more up close and personal livestreaming virtual tour on Amazon Explore.

I hope you’ve enjoyed March more than ever before. If you need a few more things to wrap up these 31 days, enjoy some Clams on the Half Shell with a side of Taters. Love on some Manatees. Next, dust off your Crayons and make that next fried-worthy masterpiece.

See you in April!

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