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Clone Yourself with One Phone Call, Part 2

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Jill-Stone-profile-picLast week I shared with you some of the points from my recent interview with Cathy Sexton, The Productivity Expert. She asked me to be on her radio show “Ignite Your Performance,”  to share with her audience the exciting world of site selection (which truly is quite exciting!). Here are some more of the talking points about how I am the meeting planner’s clone and how I help you get the most for your meeting:

  • Protection: When it comes to negotiating contracts I will include clauses meant to protect the meeting planner and their organization. I want to make sure that any unforeseen issues do not negatively affect your meeting!

  • I am Not a Meeting Planner, Per Se: Once the contracts are signed, I get out of the meeting planner’s way so they can plan their meeting. That said, if the meeting planner ever feels as if the hotel is not properly responding to their requests, they can certainly get me back involved.

  • I Have the World at My Fingertips (so to speak): HelmsBriscoe is a worldwide company. If, for example, you are planning a meeting in China, I will partner with one of our associates in China; someone who knows the area inside out, who can operate on the time schedule of the area and who can help us to make sure your meeting is successful. I can do so for you, no matter where in the world your meeting takes you!

  • You and Your Meeting Matters: No matter the size of your meeting, your meeting matters. I have heard meeting planners concerned that their meeting for “just 10 people” will not get the same attention as a meeting that draws hundreds of attendees. Not so, especially when you work with HelmsBriscoe. Again, we are a volume buyer of hotel rooms, hotels look at the business we bring to them in a holistic manner and every meeting we bring to them is treated thus.  We are their number one client, therefore my clients are their number one clients as well. HelmsBriscoe books approximately 35,000 hotel rooms a night! Yes, we get the hotel’s attention.

  • I Can Greatly Lessen Pain: When there is an issue with cancellation, there will be pain, but I can make it far less painful. I do so by making sure your contracts include important clauses like the “Rebooking Clause” for example, or a “Reselling Clause” in the case of attrition. As well, I can utilize my database to find out if one of my fellow 1200 associates would be able to fill the space – no other organization in the world can claim this amazing option!

  • After the Meeting: I love to hear how wonderful a meeting has gone. Generally speaking, I hear only great news. Sometimes, however, things do not go so well and the meeting planner is not happy with hotel property on a few points. In this case, I will get back involved and work on obtaining some sort of compensation to counteract the lack of service or come-through on the part of the property.

  • I Give You 40% of Your Time Back: HelmsBriscoe did an informal poll to find out how much time we give actually give back to the meeting planner. It came back at an average of 40%! If you had 40% more time, literally with only one phone call, what could you do with that extra time?

  • Read My Blogs!: I share so much about saving time, staying sane, and keeping up with trends. All on behalf of you, my most favorite people, Meeting Planners! Spending just a few minutes with me, via my blogs, each week, will also save you time and money.

Cloning has come a long way, but until we can buy Instant Cloning Kits, I am available to be your Clone : ) and I have a passion for it. Please come be a part of my world! Check out my website; here you will find my blogs, links to my social media sites, contact info and more.

Also, you can hear the interview in its entirety by going to this link. Thank you so much for your time.

All the best,

Your Clone, Jill Stone


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