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Comfy Conference Shoes

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Oh, those achy feet at the end of a conference day! Whether you are attending a conference or in charge of the conference, being on those feet for an extended amount of time is common. As a self-professed shoe expert, I have some ideas for you.

Here are some basics to consider when deciding which shoes to bring:

  • Make sure you have plenty of room in the toe box. Those pointy toed shoes may look fierce, but the pain that comes with it may also be fierce. The best bet are shoes with a round or square toe.
  • For those that love high heels (present company included!), a chunky heel is great way to go. For height without the heel, go for a shoe with a platform sole.
  • Consider a cushioned insole. Sometimes an insole is all that’s needed to turn any pair of shoes into comfortable shoes. Consider the space an insole will take up in the shoe; purchasing shoes a half a size larger may be in order.
  • “Breaking in” a shoe is not really a thing, they should be comfortable from the get go.
  • Wear the shoes around the house BEFORE heading out to the conference to make sure they will not cause pain.
  • Pack more than one pair of shoes, it’s best to avoid wearing the same pair of shoes for two days in a row.

And now, let’s go shopping!

  • The beloved Birdies are known for comfort and style. They offer an amazing selection of flats in many different designs.
  • Speaking of “birds” 😉 another designer shoe to consider is Allbirds. Allbirds leads with sustainability, as well as comfort, with styles and colors for all.
  • Hush Puppies have been a go-to-brand for decades. They have styles for men and women. Check out their loafers, flats and oxfords.
  • Another popular brand is Vionic. For women they offer flats, sandals, wedges, heels, boots and booties. Men can check out their leveled-up sneakers, many of which are appropriate for conference wear.
  • Rothy’s is all about style and sustainability. The company utilizes twice-recycled materials in their shoes due to their dedication to circularity.
  • Hailing from my own hometown are Walking Cradles with their trademark Tiny Pillows® insoles. Each shoe is tested for accurate sizing, making is easy to order a pair online.
  • For those women concerned about width, Inez shoe brand makes stylish shoes in 3 widths.
  • Amberjack caters to men. They source leather from an ISO-certified sustainable tannery. The sustainability is extended to include carbon neutral shipping and plastic-free packaging. They also manufacture their shoes in a fair wage factory to boot!

For feet that last a lifetime, and that can with-”stand” any conference, these shoes are a great fit 😉



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Cathy Valencia November 9, 2022, 10:05 am

Hi Jill! It was great to spend time with you in Tucson last week. I’m hoping you could add me to your fabulous Newsletter’s distribution list.
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