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Less Chaos Calls for a Contingency Plan

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It’s not easy to adjust to a world that is unable to rest. What we really want is to proclaim that Covid is a thing of the past. Yet, we continue to hear about our own friends and family coming down with the virus, and when we are exposed we need to look up the latest on quarantining, not quarantining, wearing a mask – it’s all wearing us down!

We also really want to proclaim that in person conferences are back and going strong. Well, yes and no. Many meeting managers find themselves dealing with:

  • Last minute changes to travel guidelines and recommendations from various countries.
  • Attendees/Staff/Talent/Speakers coming down with or exposed to Covid, creating last minutes pivots.
  • A travel industry that continues to report delays, cancellations and lost luggage.

Though meeting managers are known for being quick on their feet, there is a lot to be said for having a contingency plan in place.

Here are some thoughts on ensuring your meeting or conference still takes place, regardless of what he world throws your way:

  • Start with a Hybrid Meeting: This will allow for those that are cannot attend the event in person, to still be able to participate. As well, if a speaker is unable to make it in, they can still present, but do so virtually. Going virtual last minute can be done, but making an option from the get go makes it all the less painful.
  • Who else do you know?: Keep a list of backups. Even better, contact those backups ahead of time to ask of their availability in the case that you need a new speaker, talent or additional staff.
  • Enlist an Expert: When plans change, the domino effect can be dizzying. For this reason, it’s ideal to have someone in your corner that is ready and willing to lend a big hand. Going to toot my own horn here  I help my clients negotiate their contracts up front and ensure they’re protected in the event of unforeseen issues – no matter if it is before, during or after contracts have been signed. It’s a value-add when needed most!

I’m always open to discuss how I can best serve you. Let’s set up a time to chat, 636-678-7661.



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