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Cool Reality for You!

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Welcome to my reality show! But not like what you see on TV: Survivor, Top Chef, not to mention the ever so popular and my personal favorite, Dancing with the Stars. 🙂  Today we are going to check in with two different types of reality; augmented and virtual. And we’re going to see how these realities may play out in the meetings world.

Augmented Reality (AR)

AR provides for a great way to marry print with digital. Imagine sending out a conference brochure or including an ad in a trade mag that will come to life before the eyes of the viewer. And app will be required so you will need to instruct your audience to download an app, like Blippar, for example. The person will then open the app, point their phone toward the image and up comes a video to promote your event. Wow! A great company to contact is Blurr, they are well versed in creating Augmented Reality campaigns that will definitely help you to stand out above the rest!

Virtual Reality (VR)

Perhaps more well known is VR. Oculus Rift has been hot news since it hit the scene, then became even more so when Facebook bought the company for $2.1 billion. Other players in the VR game are Samsung, Sony and Google. In fact Google is currently selling Google Cardboard, a VR viewer that accommodates an iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

Both of these technologies will completely transform the meeting-scape. If you have not already, do expect to see VR headsets at a tradeshow near you soon; perfect for product demos. Even better this will alleviate the need to ship, carry and set up a ton of equipment from one show to another. Think of how you could completely transform your tradeshow booth into a 3D stage production or a walk through of your new plant or a meet and greet with your CEO. Perhaps we will no longer need to travel to meetings. Instead we will all sit about in our personal spaces with VR headwear and meet virtually. The possibilities are endless!

If you are unable to attend a tradeshow, then send your robot, DORA. Yes indeed, DORA, which stands for Dexterous Observational Roving Automaton (try saying that 3 times fast), gives you the ability to be in two places at one time. That said, I am pretty sure that DORA costs more than the price of a tradeshow visit, but as we have seen again and again, one day it will become affordable enough for us to all travel our world, oh heck let’s think bigger, we will travel around space and other planets, in a virtual way.

Shall I give you a bit more to chew on? Check out the future of holographic computing!



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