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Jill Stone

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Creepy Castles

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For the past few Halloweens, you and I have “visited” some haunted hotels. This year I thought we would check out some creepy castles. These majestic mansions may have once been home to those of noble stance, but they now house ghosts, spirits and beings that are scary ever more.

Edinburgh Castle:  This castle is home to many shadowy residents, including a witchy woman who is said to have been burned at the stake while her son watched on. Also seen – a headless drummer, a phantom piper and a ghost dog. If you do not believe in ghosts, spend some time at Edinburgh Castle and you just may change your mind. It is said to be one of the most haunted sites on earth!

chillinghamChillingham Castle: This castle lives up to its name; it is home to many a chilling occurrence. Spend some time with John Sage, a sadistic torturer, along with the many who experienced his torturous ways first hand. In the pink room you may come across the blue boy; named for the blue hue that accompanies him. Or is he so named for his mood, as he tends to shriek with terror at the strike of midnight. Yes, at midnight, for you may spend the night in the castle if you dare.

Houska Castle: Once the site of Nazi occult experiments, this castle is said to be home to a beast that is a cross between a bulldog, frog and human. Other nonhuman creatures are also said to call Houska home.  An interesting fact is that when Houska was constructed, the defenses were built to keep things from getting out, not getting in – lending to the legend that Houska is the gateway to the underworld.

Belcourt Castle: Built by Oliver Belmont, this castle resides in the good ole USA.  After building this behemoth, Oliver decided that rather than reside in the castle, he would instead travel the globe to find furnishings for his home.  Interestingly, those that haunt this location are not tied to the actual castle, they are instead hooked to one of the many worldly artifacts housed within.

Brissac Castle: Once home to a pair of nobles; Jacques and Charlotte. It is said that Charlotte took many a lover and tortured her husband with their loud amorous ways.  Charlotte and one of her escapades mysteriously disappeared, rumored to be of Jacque’s doing.  Even in death, the rowdy lovers could be heard, leaving Jacque to put the place up for sale so that he may finally escape the disturbing hulabaloo.

“Oft do I hear those windows ope 
And shut with dread surprise, 
And spirits murmur as they grope, 
But break not on the eyes.” Do you dare to be
 The Fearful Traveller In The Haunted Castle? Happy Halloween!

*Thank you to Chillingham Castle for the image!


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