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Jill Stone

Your Meeting Matchmaker Fairy Godmother

If Cupid Were a Meeting Manager

in: Fun

If Cupid were a meeting manager, the lives of lovers would be so very flawless. There would be no haphazard shooting of love arrows into just any ole pair. Instead the love arrows would hit at just the right time, be well planned, happen almost without notice and the two would be perfectly suited from that day forward.

The couple’s lives would be well-organized from the first date forward; the marriage proposal would be worthy of a viral video, their wedding planning would be prodigious and create new trends, their first house would be quaint and lovely and each child to come into the couple’s lives would be intelligent, well-behaved and hygienically sound.

The romance would never sour. Cupid as Meeting Managers would have scheduled a lifetime of candlelit dinners, flower bouquet surprises and exactly when needed love poems, delivered in perfumed envelopes via lovely white doves.

Money would never be an issue, weight would never fluctuate and the word “argument” would be replaced with “soulful discourse.” Adventures would await in far away lands, complete with exotically spiced meals and fondly to be remembered activities.

The couple’s days would be marked by tea-time, nap-time and cuddle-time. Cupid would have a team of gifted helpers that whisked away every grimy dish, each piece of dirty laundry and every last dust bunny; all transparently transferred to a mystical wonderland that turns all things sparkly clean. Every evening would bring a full night’s sleep and every morning would bring new opportunities.

Alas, Cupid is not a Meeting Manager. And really, as we all know, the perfection of love actually lies in its imperfection. But it’s still fun to wonder.

Happy Valentine’s Day to You, Dear Meeting Manager! Perhaps you have not found the perfect love, but I sure hope you at least get a nice big heart-shaped box of chocolates.

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