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Jill Stone

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We all know what a deadline is and we all know what it feels like when it’s looming! Deadline is not the most pleasant of words; it includes the word “dead,” not usually associated with something joyful and “line,” and who wants to stand in one of those? Perhaps even more disconcerting is its historical meaning, which is, “a line drawn around a prison beyond which prisoners were liable to be shot.” Let’s move away from deadlines and aim to avoid them. Here’s how!

Just Do It: Just get it done! In fact, you’ll be more productive if you tackle your to do list by accomplishing the tasks you are least excited about. Plus, being done before deadline allows for so much less stress.

Unexpectations: (This is not a real word, so do not look it up in the dictionary – lol!). We are expected to be timely about our duties, but sometimes life throws a curve ball. Being ahead of the game allows time for addressing the unexpected, which even though it may be a stressful situation, will be less so if other projects are well underway with time to spare.

Refinement: Once a project is done and our mind is no longer completely engaged with it, awesome and amazing thoughts show up. Bummer if it is too late to make the new ideas happen; awesome if time remains and the new fresh ideas can be accomplished.

FOMO: When a deadline is missed, there may never be a second chance. Don’t miss out! Seize those opportunities!

More Than Bargained For: Sometimes late fees are incurred if deadlines are missed. No need to spend extra money that could always be put to good use on something more productive.

Rep: People that are consistently late get a rep for being late, people that are timely get a rep for being timely. Guess which one others like to work with best?

Treats: Done right + on time = treats! Treats could come in the form of extra time to take on a pet project, time to help others with their projects, a greater sense of accomplishment, or ice cream.  I know which one I’d choose J

One other thought, know when a deadline is impossible to meet. Speak up! A deadline that is unreasonable is setting everyone up for failure – and as a meeting planner, you don’t do failure.

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