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Jill Stone

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It’s a Debate

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Presidential debates are in the air. Debates are a test to see how candidates behave under pressure; can they answer questions coherently and to-the-point, are they decisive and concise, do they have a high likability factor and a commanding presence. If you are still debating over whether to use the services of someone like me, let me show you what I can do under pressure.

  • Ideally you have plenty of time to plan your meeting. But sometimes meetings just show up and demand planning right away. Make me your first call! While you flush out all the many details, I can be on the phone contacting venues and finding the perfect place to gather.
  • Once my phone calling is through, I provide you with an easy to read spreadsheet, providing all the details you need in order to come to a quick decision.
  • Relationships take time, luckily I – or one of my other 1200 HelmsBriscoe colleagues, already have relationships in place with destinations around the globe.
  • When challenges arise I am there for you. I have seen it all, well almost, but even if your challenge is a new one, I am quite well versed in issue resolving and doing so in a way that creates a win win for all involved.
  • Last minute meetings often mean many extra costs. While this may be true in some areas, my services are a value add – no matter if your meeting is years away or happening tomorrow. I also have negotiating power, HelmsBriscoe is the largest booker of hotel room nights in the world, we can often find a much better deal than your going it alone.
  • Being called upon to quickly plan a meeting can feel a bit uncomfortable; you may worry about not dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s – no worries, I got this. And if something unforeseen were to arise, again, I got this.

The final on this debate – lots of pros, no cons. Call me maybe? 636-678-7661


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