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Drone On: Using Drones at Your Events

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Drones have been around awhile, but their uses continue to grow each and every day. Before you take to the skies there a few IMPORTANT rules and regulations you should definitely be aware of, check out this article on MeetingsNet for the facts.

Before the Event: Use drones to capture footage to promote your event, the city location and the venue.

Registration: Drones coupled with face recognition technologies have the potential to create a much smoother running, if not crazy impressive, registration process.

Group Picture: It’s difficult to fit an especially large group into the picture frame – unless taken from above. Drone pics provide for a fun way to capture your crowd. Great to show off on your media to show the size of crowd you can attract as well!

Sizzle Reel: Capturing footage from your event is essential for creating a sizzle reel for marketing next year’s event. Drones can capture amazing and memorable footage of event highlights, entertainment, group tours or any activity that requires following along with some fast action.

Incentives: Event planners are always looking for ways to incent attendees to take action – like visiting tradeshow booths, accomplishing tasks, filling out surveys – allow for them to earn points for such activities and buy themselves a spot at a drone racecourse.

Team Building: Another use for the drone racecourse is as a team building exercise. Participants can learn how to operate the drones and then race each other for the gold.

Entertainment: Drones are being used in entertainment, both accompanying other entertainers or being the main focus via an incredible drone light show!

Delivery: There is potential for drones to deliver items to your attendees. Perhaps this is how prizes are delivered to audience members. Or even food orders! Imagining ordered food via a phone app and your meal being delivered via drone.

Advertising and Sponsorships: Expect to see the addition of banners and posters to drones providing many opportunities for advertising and sponsorships.

Drone On, Meeting Planners! And please share with me how you have used drones at your event, I would love to learn more from you. Send a message to me on Facebook page, just click on the “Send Message” button!

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