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Easier Travel Planning

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You deserve a break Meeting Planner! Nowadays, we have the world at our fingertips; we can sit down at our computers to find flights, hotels, where to eat and what to do. All in all, it’s pretty wonderful. There are tons of sites to go to, tons of information and all can be done right from your desktop.

However, the airline reservation portion of our travel plans has a tendency to create angst, making the need for a break even more necessary. Recently, I listened to a friend express her frustrations at helping an elderly neighbor make plane reservations to go visit her children for the holidays. “It was a nightmare,” she said, “none of it made sense, the prices were so varied, some of the options presented three or four layovers, and so many pop ups came onto my screen that I would lose my place. I had to look at least four different sites, none of which were particularly helpful. It was so stressful, I needed a vacation after booking hers!”

Enter Hipmunk; a very easy to do, easy to navigate, easy to understand web site and application for finding flights as well as hotels. And it does so almost instantly! Hipmunk is a one stop, no annoying ad pop ups platform that requires your minimal information; departure airport, destination and trip dates. Click a button and the little hip chipmunk soon reveals, in a very easy to understand display, your best flight options. Ditto for hotels.

Hotels and flights can be booked right through the site. Your travel planning has never been easier!

The Hipmunk app is available for iPad, iPhone and Android. Links to information about the apps, as well as their travel blog are also available at their site.

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