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Jill Stone

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Are You an Easter Bunny?

in: Fun

easter bunny meeting planner

Easter Bunnies and Meeting Planners have a lot in common it turns out. In the spirit of he who shall soon be hopping down the bunny trail bringing along much-needed chocolates and fabulously colored eggs, I’d like to share how eggs-ellent you are, Meeting Planner.

To Tell the Tooth: Bunnies teeth never stop growing, though generally speaking they are whittled down due to their chomping on carrots and such. Meeting planners too never stop growing. In the never-a-stalled moment of meeting planners, those that make it are always up for learning more.

A Bunny Cannot Live on Carrots Alone: Of course, it’s not all carrots for bunnies. They munch on greens, grasses and clover as well. Meeting planners are always on the lookout for the hot new food and beverage trends, they are always looking for ways to keep attendees’ taste buds awake!

Bunny Binky: One of the cutest behaviors that bunnies do is binky. Check out this video to get some slow-mo cute-as-a-bunny binking behaviors. I have seen meeting planners do their own version of the binky after a well-planned, well-executed successful event.

360 Vision: Good luck trying to sneak up on a rabbit, they have nearly 360-degree vision. Good luck trying to sneak up on, sneak one over or sneak in anything disagreeable to a meeting planner, they have 360-degree brains.

Might as Well Jump: Rabbits are built for speed and they can jump 3 or more feet off the ground. Meeting planners are also built for speed and jump at the chance to help out their staff, attendees, managers and more to make their meetings raise to new heights.

Stay Cool: Those great big ears not only provide bunnies with a cute factor, but also a cool factor. Cool, as in providing more surface area for body heat to escape so they can stay cool on a hot day. Meeting planners may not have large ears, but their ability to keep their cool, even in the most stressful of situations, is definitely worth hearing about.

Catch Me if You Can: The term, “Quick like a bunny,” has to do with a rabbit’s ability to be practically un-catchable. I already mentioned their speed and ability to see things coming their way, but they can also move in zig-zag patterns making them tough to follow. Ever tried to catch a meeting planner zig-zagging their way through a crowd of conventioneers? Yup, tough to catch, best to know their mobile number so you can text them (which, by the way, they can answer while they are speedily heading toward the breakout room to make sure it has been set up correctly).

Happy Easter, Easter Bunnies!

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