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Easy Cooking for Meeting Planners

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Okay busy meeting planners, I know you are not only busy in business, but busy at home. Many of you are moms with children who need to go to school, activities, parties and back again. Or maybe you are a grandmom like me and have grandchildren to spoil and entertain. You have so many obligations, do you also have time to cook? Much less cook tasty meals?

I hear ya!

Enter the innovative and easy crock pot. Crock pots have been around since the 70s. It is the only means of cooking I know of that does not require attention, stirring, or risking your house being burnt to the ground if you are not around. As of late, crock pot cooking is taking the internet by storm!

Check out The Crock Pot Girls, who have stirred up their own recipe for success with a fan base that has grown to close to 2,000,000 in very little time. Crock pot fans from around the world join together to talk recipes and update each other on what they are cooking at any given moment.

The Crock Pot Girls web site has a ton of recipes, which range from the starts of meals like appetizers, to actual meals, to the ends of meals; desserts (my favorite food group). By the way, my friend and her daughter take dessert so very seriously that they have started The Dessertarian Movement; I‘m a member, how about you?

The Crock Pot Girls also offer other interesting recipe choices like beverages, international flavors and party ideas. They even have a YouTube channel where you can watch them stock up their crock pots with the right mix of ingredients for yummy concoctions.

As an on-the-go meeting planner, I am sure that you many times find yourself running to the grocery store after a busy day of planning. Many times you put menu planning for your meeting before your own menu planning for home. You can avoid hearing “We’re having this again?” by downloading an app or two to your smart phone. Do some searching and you will find several app offerings with crock pot cooking and recipes in mind.

So what are you cooking up this season? Share your recipe below!




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