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Eating and Traveling

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One of the delights of travel are visiting new restaurants and trying out new foods; it is a huge part of the whole travel experience. The time we spend traveling to and from our destination, however, rarely provides us with a memorable meal.  But it can be done, you just need to be at the right place at the right time.

Airports are ripe with fast food and quick snacks, but some airports have some stand out offerings. Successful Meetings recently presented a list of top-notch airport restaurants.  One Flew South in Atlanta can be found in Terminal E; tempt your taste buds by checking out their online gallery. If in LAX, check out Encounter Restaurant,  where you will not only encounter fabulous food, but a bit of the out of the ordinary with its out of this world outer space décor. Ivar’s is an already well established chowder house and has several locations, one of which can be found at the Seattle-Tacoma Airport.  A few others stand out airport restaurants include Obrycki’s Crab House in Baltimore, and Legal Sea Foods in Boston. Be sure to check out the page for the full list.

In-flight meals do not have a good rep, but it seems that there are some rather decent choices out there. According to Airline Tickets the airlines that offer the best foods include both oversea companies as well as some a bit closer to home:

Of course, you can bring your own food as well. Protein bars and trail mix are easy choices. I have seen individual packets of peanut butter, as well as mini Babybel Cheese at the grocery store; add in a small carton of crackers and you have the fixings for a filling snack.

Tell me about your best or worst airline/airplane food experiences!


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