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Error Free Events Part 2

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Error Free Events

In my last blog, I shared with you some very important items to keep on your radar when it comes to planning an error free event. Here are a few more not to be missed items!

  • To Market We Will Go Again: All marketing content should be planned out ahead of time! Plan your blog posts, social media posts, e-newsletters, mailings, emails, phone calls, promotions, media coverage, press releases – plan it all! Doing this up front will allow for you to pay attention to all the other details and surprises you will need to attend to as you plan your event.
  • Think Atmosphere: You are creating an atmosphere for your attendees at each event within your event. Some of the day’s activities may have a more business focus, while other activities call for a lighter “let-your-hair-down” feel. For each event, think about seating and table arrangements in relation to the focus of the event. Consider lighting, temperature, music, A/V and more. Make sure to include language in your venue contract that guarantees certain rooms for certain events and that these spaces cannot be changed. Also, ask about surrounding room activities to ensure that unwanted sound pollution does not disturb your event. This includes staff! Ask that staff be aware of their role in your event, less they get a little too musical with flatware, glasses and chatter.
  • Audio Visual: Think this all through thoroughly! The last thing you need is ton find out that a connector you need is not available at the last minute. Make sure you have a plan. For example: have all presenters send their slides to you ahead of time so you have control of them and so you can engage the A/V team to make sure all is in order. Have agreements between yourself and the presenters that clearly spell out their needs. Make sure the microphones and projectors are in good working order, ensure that the sound volume is ideal, that lights can be turned up and down according to needs. Audiovisual mishaps can destroy even the most well thought out presentations.
  • Sign on the Dotted Line: Make sure to have written agreements/contracts with all entities involved. Yes, you may still be surprised, but this will lessen those unwelcome surprises considerably. Whomever you engage for your event; transportation services, speakers, venues, entertainers, vendors, etc. should include written agreements/contracts in order to make sure everyone is on the same page.
  • Location Let Down: Where you hold your event is extremely important as it can make or break it. The location should be convenient for attendees to travel to and from, and in a district that lends itself to your attendees, especially if there will be some downtime where they can go exploring on their own. Go with your gut feeling in dealing with management; Do they value you as a client? Are they willing to negotiate? Do they act as if they want you to come back again and again? Do they take the time to get to know you, your organization and your attendees? Will the location add value to your meeting?

Finally, remember that you cannot do it all. And some support has a value that does not add to your bottom line, while also bringing peace of mind to you. Like, let’s see, who can that be? Me, of course! I am a resource that will find a location for your meeting that will not let you down. I will also negotiate on your behalf in order that your event space is well handled and creates a win-win for all parties involved. Give me a call today at 636-678-7661!

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