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You hear a lot about “branding” now-a-days. It is an important part of any company’s presence in the market place. The brand is an idea or image that brings people to a place of knowing; they know what the brand stands for, what service or product it provides, it’s overall message, and the emotion/feeling/statement behind that brand. The same really does apply to your events and/or meetings.

If you have a successful annual event, the brand of that event has more than likely already been established. The question is do the “newbies” know the brand so you can attract more attendees? Other questions may be does your brand need an update? Does the message the brand conveys present itself in a consistent manner? This is all food for thought and will come in handy when crafting a survey to your past attendees; which would come in handy in this instance. For some ideas on how to start, check out this post.

If you have a relatively new event, perhaps it is time to get serious about the brand. A brainstorming session with your marketing team would be a good start. These are the questions that need to be answered:

  • What is the vision of the event? This is a future-based question, but it will help to lay down the framework for all your strategic planning.
  • What is the mission of your event? This is your event at its most basic level. It should be short and to the point, but also allow for growth and withstand changes that may come your way.
  • What are the objectives of your event? These are measurable, think about the number of attendees, financial outcomes, property costs, etc.

Once you have this information you will be able to formulate your brand. You will have a feel for the colors, the emotion, and the style that will all come into play when you are creating your brand. You may consider bringing in a professional. Many graphically inclined people have expanded their services to include branding. These people understand what is necessary to take the answers to your questions above, even help you to tighten up those answers a bit, then wrap them up nicely into the many facets or your event: logo, marketing pieces, web presence, giveaways and more.

Need some suggestions on who can help? Give me a call at 636-797-3405. I know people!

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