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#Hashtags have become prevalent in our online communications, so much so that we often hear people using them in everyday talk! Their prevalence is due to the fact that they work. Hashtags were started by early Twitter adopters that were looking to find a way to help people follow conversations; the ideas took hold and hashtags have been popping up on social media platforms, blogs and marketing materials ever since.

Here are some fun ways to promote your event #hashtag so all your attendees will want to take part in talking up and about your event before, during and after all is said and done, and they are relishing in the amazing experience you’ve provided for them (because that’s what you do meeting planner!).

  • Include the hashtag in all your marketing materials; posters, postcards, mailers, social media cover images and more.
  • Give your attendees a selfie-opportunity that includes a backdrop complete with your hashtag; when they post their pics to social media the hashtag will be very noticeable.
  • About that selfie-opportunity, think outside the backdrop and be creative! Perhaps you have characters wearing hashtag t-shirts that can take pics with guests. Oversized and noticeable props complete with the hashtag will draw guests in for a selfie or two.
  • Other places to consider are on place cards or on table tents at each table. You can even make them edible. Let your guests know that you want them taking pics and hashtagging away!
  • When you are inspecting a venue for an event, take note of their existing décor. Are there places you can include your hashtag? Perhaps at the entranceways, on outdoor planters, elevators, etc. Of course, you will want to make sure to use removable stickers. Or write the hashtags on windows and mirrors with window markers.
  • For high engagement consider a contest. Those who use your hashtag could win something for best or funniest picture.
  • Go big! Check out this hashtag in a pool. Have you heard of projection bombing?
  • Of course, there’s an app. Check out Markr, a visual hashtag maker that will place your hashtags on photos for you. Great for posting about your event!

Happy #hashtagging to you #awesomemeetingplanners!






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