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New Hire Now – Event Technologist

in: Meeting Planning Services Technology

Keeping up with technological advances is evermore becoming a full-time job. It’s not slowing down and continues to speed up. According to MeetingsNet, 91% of event professionals state that event technology is an important aspect of the job. It may be time to consider hiring an Event Technologist!

Attendees expect an Amazon-like experience these days. They want to register online, anticipate taking part in your social media presence, trust you to keep their data safe as well as have all the necessary event information at their fingertips via an app on their phone.

The VPs of your company are expecting deeper and more thorough marketing data and analysis. They want to measure all aspects in order to justify the expenses and ROI.

Enter the Event Technologist.

An Event Technologist is responsible for navigating all things tech-related for your event; managing the technologies employed from beginning to end. This person can assess which technologies are necessary to meet your goals, set it all up in advance, ensure it is working throughout the entire process and finally show ROI in order to prove and validate related costs. Other tools that an Event Technologist can manage are live streaming, project management tools, email and marketing communications, A/V, on-site registration, wi-fi and more.

Event Technologists can be outsourced, which may be the best option to begin with, as this will help decide if such a position makes sense in a full-time capacity. The “try before you buy” allows you to get a sense of the capabilities of various technologists and help you to better determine your needs and considerations before hiring someone full time.

However, if your organization is already producing numerous events across several departments, an in-house event technologist may be in order sooner than later. Not only will they understand your company and culture at a deeper level, they will also be able to better make decisions on which vendors to enlist, ensure consistency and allow for better security and control over data.

Event Managers have always been at the forefront of driving innovation, as well as in assisting their organizations to achieve higher levels of performance. Set your company up for success in all future events by including an Event Technologist on your team.


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