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Experiential Dining is on Trend

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Experiential Dining

Been there, done that – that’s a valid thought. Many have experienced table side knife-wielding, shrimp juggling, stir fry. Also, places like Rainforest Café for a bit of thunder, lightning and ape escapes. These experiences still exist, but their novelty may have worn off a bit.

It’s now time for some updated experiential dining trends. Ideal for smaller groups, this is an experience meant to impress. Guests will appreciate a fresh take on dining. It’s a great way to entice people to RSVP so they do not experience FOMO.  Here are some updated experiences to fit a lot of tastes:

  • Purr-fect: Cat lovers will go meow for a Cat Café. Many are filled with cats that are adoptable, so prepare to have more than a doggy, err, kitty-bag to take home. Reservations are usually required as most locations only allow a certain amount of people in at a time.
  • Ruff Ruff’in It: Dog lovers bring Fido everywhere these days. Today there are places specifically designed with dogs in mind. There are places to enjoy coffee and treats (for both humans and dog). Bar K has locations in St. Louis, Kansas City and Oklahoma City, each with a fully staffed dog park, a bar, restaurant and event spaces.
  • Rover: Actually, moving away from dogs with this one, a Roving Restaurant is one that comes to you. These experiences tend to be an upscale picnic with a stunning natural view.
  • That’s Easy for You to Speak: Almost every US city has a speakeasy; some include secret entrances, various themes and for sure fun!
  • Let’s Get High: In the sky that is. Dinner in the Sky offers experiences worldwide. Think dinner over the Grand Canyon or in the skies overlooking Belgium!
  • Let’s Get High This Way: With more and more states legalizing marijuana in one way or another, weed-infused cuisine is becoming high on the priority lists of must-try.
  • Tiny Chef = Big Experience: Immerse guests in a mini-digital-chef experience at Le Petit Chef. Before assuming this may be a bit too diet-friendly, think again, eventually the digital meal is replaced with the real deal. For an alternative, and even more immersive experience, check out Atmos.
  • No Sight Seeing: Imagine eating in complete darkness. Enjoying a meal without site may “heighten the palate”. Think of it as a no-see-food, but big on smell, texture and taste. Check out Blackout in Vegas and ONoir in Toronto.
  • On Ice: A hot place to chill out is in an Arctic Snowcastle. Enjoy a fun three-course dinner. Be sure to dress warm!

Wow guests with an experience they will talk about for years to come. Be sure to check out all the possibilities, there is an interesting place for everyone’s palate.


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