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Fall Trends for Meeting Planners

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As you know, we Meeting Planners have to keep up with the trends in order to keep up our events. Our guests expect awesome-experiences-to-be-had. So with this in mind, here are some cool trends to add some fall color to your events!

Oolala Candy: Think champagne flavored gummie bears and marshmallows topped with 24K gold. Sugarfina offers an eye-popping and sugar-licious menu of beautiful candies that will have your guest swooning.

Breakfast of Foodies: Take a page from the menu of The Eastman Egg Company and serve up some breakfast that carries your attendees tastefully through lunch. Using all-natural and high quality ingredients, the company serves egg sandwich combos that include white cheddar, pretzel rolls, wilted spinach, avocado, chorizo and more.

Charge It: Setting up a table with chargers for phones, tablets and laptops is a wonderful service for your attendees. Totally Mod takes charging to a whole new level with their charging locker.

Lounge Wear: A fun idea for a small group is to provide a space for lounging, hanging and binge-watching movies that go along with your event theme. For just over $100 you can purchase great big beanbag chairs that measure 6 feet round! Keep an eye out on Amazon and Overstock for deals.

Crafty Sips: When cocktails are treated as a culinary art form, they are called crafted cocktails. These cocktails raise the bar by combining interesting liquors with various ingredients ranging from fruits, herbs, vinegars and syrups. To give you an idea check out these recipes. Check with your venue to see if they an especially talented mixologist on board who can create a unique offering for your group.

Holographic Technology: Everyone will be buzzing about your event if you mix in some holographic magic! Check out companies like Musion, 360Brandvision and Hologram-Rental.

Techie Centerpieces: Flowers are nice, but tech adds spice. Go with these interactive iPad centerpieces from Facing Center.

Pop-Ups: Gaining in popularity are pop-ups, a great and fun way to bring in some local flavor to your event.

If you have any ideas I should know about, please do share them on my Facebook page!

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