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Feeling Blue? Or are you feeling Yellow?

in: Travel and Hospitality

If there is one thing Meeting Professionals love and adore, it’s fresh and innovative ideas! In my own hometown of St. Louis, Missouri, a new hotel recently opened and get this – you can choose your own hotel room according to color. The hotel is called Angad Arts Hotel, and there’s a big reason why “Arts” is its middle name. Art is at the core of room design, cuisine and more!

This unique concept is the brainchild of developer Steve Smith who feels that, “hotel owners and interior designers to be mindful of the emotion of the experience when designing any type of property.” A lot of thought went into design, considering both color theory and color dynamics, and the emotional connections to color.

The room color choices correspond to a sense; yellow for happiness, blue for tranquility, green for rejuvenation and red for passion.

And there’s more! Want to bring along your furry friend? They offer doggy beds, blanket, bags, water and food bowls, along with special treats.

Of course, there are special treats for human guests as well. The hotel restaurant, Grand Tavern, is the first St. Louis restaurant featuring the amazing cuisine of Chef David Burke. Chef Burke is known for amazing and quirky cuisine, including Clothesline Bacon, delicious maple and black pepper bacon hanging from a clothesline, as well as pastrami salmon, which salmon cured with coriander, parsley, and shallots, then cooked with molasses, cayenne pepper and paprika. Delicious!

The hotel offers two private event spaces; Angad Playhouse and the Grand Ballroom. The playhouse sits atop the hotel and offers lovely skyline views, the Grand Ballroom has been beautifully designed, described as “reminiscent of its glorious past with a modern twist.”

Other unique services and offerings include:

The hotel is located in the Grand Center Arts District of St. Louis, where guests can enjoy a show at The Fabulous Fox Theatre, a show at The Sheldon Concert Hall & Art Galleries, or one of the many other arts and cultural organizations, theaters, museums, galleries, music venues, bars and restaurants in the area. There is something for everyone!

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